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designed and carried out secretly or confidentially

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"There was under-the-table contact before and after the North-US high-level talks planned for November 8 in New York ...
Abdul Aleem Khan said that Chinese companies would also be saving big amount by working with the incumbent government in transparent manner as there would be no under-the-table deal and every step would be taken as per rules and regulations and it would be a win-win situation for them.
If and when high-ups in the bureaucracy, or in the superior judiciary, order that the land be reclaimed, all under-the-table payments are forgotten and the law is dramatically enforced.
The scandal involves under-the-table payments to the governments of Nestor and Cristina Kirchner, the Peronist couple who ruled before the current president, Mauricio Macri.
Those corrupted tend to use the funds not to spread their beliefs, but to move up the religious hierarchy through bribes and under-the-table deals.
But federal immigration crackdowns have made some undocumented workers afraid to accept under-the-table work.
"Many in the Syrian opposition believe that an under-the-table agreement has been reached between the Russians and the US, on who takes what in Syria."" -Sami Moubayed Share on facebook Tweet this
Price is easily the biggest differentiating factor between legal weed and under-the-table cannabis.
"GST is a simple, transparent system which prevents generation of black money and curbs corruption," said Modi who jolted the country last year by withdrawing more than 85 percent of India's bank notes from circulation in a clampdown on under-the-table dealings.
Steve McClaren's "magnifi-cent" signings look as though they were the result of some under-the-table payments from a rich Boro fan.
We believe that is due to under-the-table money and laundering," bank executive Trond Bentestuen told Verdens Gang (VG).
The amendment will ensure the viability of private broadcasters by minimizing their dependence on the banking system and under-the-table deals with politicians, according to the government.
Speaking on state TV's morning talk show, Pamborides shocked the hosts when he admitted that doctors still receive under-the-table money to help patients receive treatment faster, a notorious practice stemming from the inefficient systems that created endless waiting lines for patients.
Secondly, they can help by pulling back from under-the-table hidden arms transfers from Iran through Syria to Lebanon that are going to threaten Israel.
Turns out an under-the-table deal helped secure the Saudi membership in the committee, eventually leading to its chairmanship.