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done or sold illicitly and secretly

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Caption: 2 True Residential offers under-the-counter ice machines and fridges with changing color displays.
The Shockwave may be an ideal, under-the-counter firearm for shopkeepers.
In addition to the hand-filter stations, The coffee bar will also boast a Marvam under-the-counter espresso machine--the first ever in Germany--which was tailor-made for the Kranzler flagship store.
But the practice of slipping under-the-counter cash to players at the lower end of the pyramid is now having a particularly corrosive effect on a community game already struggling numbers-wise.
However, some cultural trends such as self-medication and the lack of strong supervision of under-the-counter (UTC) sales continue to have a negative effect on sales of...
Most will quit entirely or find other ways of acquiring snus, either illicitly under-the-counter or by importing it from Sweden and Norway.
Six- to 8-inch under-the-counter shelving now runs the length of express and service lanes without inhibiting transactions.
Varying desk height allows your office to work for everyone and provide under-the-counter knee space.
* ergonomics for staff members (for instance, use of an under-the-counter dishwasher may result in back problems);
A marble fireplace and wet bar with an under-the-counter refrigerator in the living room contribute to the home's modern design.
The Chronicle revealed last month how a sewing shop owner who sold illegal, under-the-counter cigarettes in an effort to buy a present for her son's 21st birthday was fined.
New York, July 15 ( ANI ): Bartenders in New York City keep a baseball bat or in some cases golf clubs in handy, as an under-the-counter security measure.
The illegal pills, called Sikor, were sold under-the-counter for PS5 a bag at Sheikh Uddin's Sonali Supermarket in Coventry Road, Small Heath.
Top Chinese officials in 2012 launched a pilot scheme to funnel more money to enterprises in Wenzhou, a business hub in east China rife with under-the-counter lenders who charge annual interest rates of 40 percent or even more.
Even nonmedical products such as under-the-counter refrigerators and ice machines can yield significant energy savings for healthcare systems.