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done or sold illicitly and secretly

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A VIDEO shop owner made under-the-counter videos of himself and other men abusing young girls, a court heard.
Despite what the Kenyons of this world might say in their attempts to titillate the otherwise disinterested, a little bit of under-the-counter activity is never entirely unwelcome when you're working out how to line your pockets on a Saturday morning.
To enhance the high-end styling of its Echelon series of under-the-counter refrigeration and ice-making units, U-Line Corp.
The CD Kitchen Clock Radio has an under-the-counter mount design, an easy-clean surface, magnetic remote control, and a TV/Weather/ FM/AM digital tuner.
It's about the size of an under-the-counter dishwasher and is cheaper to install than standard side-by-side or stacked equipment.
The diplomatic offices kept records of their special funds in under-the-counter account books, and the ministry was well aware of the practice, the source said.
One design makes use of an under-the-counter storage compartment in an island; the other takes advantage of a cabinet built into a wall.
When our investigator called for the under-the-counter Viagra, Shah seemed nervous at a strange face.
Under-the-counter refrigerators are selling briskly, inspired perhaps by hotel mini-bars, said Phil Uihlein, chairman of U-Line Co.
Traditionally, Greeks show a tendency to over medicate when it comes to treating minor illnesses turning straight to strong medicines usually purchased under-the-counter.
Remedy: Consumers should immediately stop using the coffeemakers and contact Applica for a full refund of the under-the-counter coffeemaker.
Uefa's head of club licensing Andrea Traverso has warned that they will be watching to ensure clubs could not get under-the-counter income boosts from huge sponsorship or stadium naming rights deals from companies associated with them, and would have to prove any deals were close to the market value.
50 but the under-the-counter versions retail at as little as half that.
Mr Clegg said there were "no backroom deals or under-the-counter understandings" with either Labour or the Tories on Lib Dem support in a coalition.
The man, who pretended to be his lawyer, claimed he was ready to arrange an under-the-counter deal with police and release him on bail if my mother acted fast.