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in an undemocratic manner

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However, that should be sufficient for the reader to understand that because of the shortcomings of 'first-past-thepost' voting system the outcome of an election can be undemocratically skewed in favour of one party and disadvantage others and smaller parties.
Despite the rejection of the regional assembly, in the white elephant referendum in 2004, the allparty EU system has decided to do it anyway, undemocratically.
Cymdeithas yr Iaith wrote to First Minister Carwyn Jones claiming the withdrawal was done undemocratically as neither the public or AMs were informed.
Tewari said the government was acting undemocratically by compelling students (in Maharashtra) to practice yoga which was "taking the pleasure out of the whole activity".
The TPP cedes national democratic rights to an undemocratically created, biased, higher court.
He said the agreement also acknowledged the need to review the basic documents which were undemocratically passed by president Kiir's group amid a walkout by Machar's led reformists on 14 December 2013, a day before "president Kiir reacted violently.
About the change in the country, he said his party was not in favor of any revolution taking place unconstitutionally and undemocratically in the country.
I was personally further aggrieved because one of my questions to the cabinet was undemocratically disallowed in advance of the meeting.
by Muhammad Hassan Khetab on 12 October, 2014 - 17:02 KABUL (Pajhwok): Calling the new government as undemocratically elected, hundreds of people on Sunday took to the streets in the central capital Kabul, condemning security accords with the US and NATO .
The author's thesis is that the EU is becoming a subsidiary of Germany; power is now undemocratically distributed between creditor and debtor nations, based on a Europe-wide extension of the policy of Deutchmark nationalism adopted by Germany after WWII.
There is grumbling that the party is run undemocratically.
But she came in for hefty criticism at home for her stance, from party colleagues - she is leader of the Christian Democratic Union party in Germany - and from media commentators who accused her of behaving, yes, undemocratically, So Mr Cameron is set to fight a losing battle, valiantly taking on the rest of Europe.
client, the repressive shah of Iran, whom the CIA had undemocratically restored to power a quarter century earlier.
Crimea, formerly an autonomous republic within Ukraine, held a referendum earlier this month in which voters supported a move to rejoin Russia after having been undemocratically gifted to Ukraine by Soviet leaders just over a half century ago.