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in an undemocratic manner

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organisation s executives undemocratically chose to scrap NUS support for the demo.
by Muhammad Hassan Khetab on 12 October, 2014 - 17:02 KABUL (Pajhwok): Calling the new government as undemocratically elected, hundreds of people on Sunday took to the streets in the central capital Kabul, condemning security accords with the US and NATO .
The trouble, if it is a trouble, seems to be that as long as even one person can appeal to conscience, and cite fundamental beliefs, it is unclear how we would ever judge anyone to be acting unreasonably or undemocratically in these situations.
But she came in for hefty criticism at home for her stance, from party colleagues - she is leader of the Christian Democratic Union party in Germany - and from media commentators who accused her of behaving, yes, undemocratically, So Mr Cameron is set to fight a losing battle, valiantly taking on the rest of Europe.
client, the repressive shah of Iran, whom the CIA had undemocratically restored to power a quarter century earlier.
Crimea, formerly an autonomous republic within Ukraine, held a referendum earlier this month in which voters supported a move to rejoin Russia after having been undemocratically gifted to Ukraine by Soviet leaders just over a half century ago.
Jairam Ramesh who was instrumental in passing the Bill undemocratically in just 23 minutes switching off the television, now comes to town and boasts of sops which will cut no ice.
The issue was taken up undemocratically against the will of the people of Andhra," Reddy, who was suspended earlier, was quoted by Hindustan Times as saying.
We have seen undemocratically elected presidents ruling undemocratically; so here is not the heart of the matter.
It's ironic that while he's been bashing Egypt's army and interim government for cracking down on violent protest and accusing Egyptian authorities of behaving undemocratically, he did the exact same thing himself during the summer of 2013 when he instructed security forces to forcibly clear environmentalist demonstrators from Taksim/Gezi Park.
147) It would be terrible if these forces help tyrants like Uganda's President Mousuveni or Rwanda's President Kagame retain power undemocratically.
They were demanding elections to replace Abhisit's government, which they accused of taking office undemocratically in 2008 through a parliamentary vote after a court stripped Thaksin's allies of power.
Though elected democratically, he chose to govern undemocratically.
In the late 1960s, under pressure and accused of governing undemocratically, the government instituted the time allocation rule.
ANTHONY JOHN RICHARDS Swansea SIR - I wonder if the good folk of Carmarthenshire realised that when they swung the vote that gave life to the Welsh Assembly they would be rewarded by having 61 large wind generators imposed, undemocratically, on the countryside known as the Brechfa Forest?