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requiring little if any patience or effort or skill

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However, as I said this is an undemanding text; a straightforward plot, all expressed in a clear style.
A new generation Touch Screen PC with a simple programming language, makes the use of the TJ advanced immediate and undemanding.
I know your reviewer had already warned me that it was 'an undemanding read--one to browse on a wet afternoon', but I was still rather disappointed.
The music, by Tchaikovsky, was cheerful and undemanding, though I would have thought that the orchestra could have played it with a bit more verve and variation of volume.
He found the writing so undemanding as to be therapeutic.
As we see valuations of all Russian banks as undemanding, Sberbank in our view should again demonstrate its unique position in the Russian banking sector in 3Q11.
Accordingly, although valuations look undemanding compared to regional banks, investors clearly continue to assign a discount to the comparable lack of clarity on both asset quality and growth.
However, with the widely spaced lines and generally undemanding language it is relatively easy to read, giving readers a real picture of the horrible events that occurred at the time of World War Two.
He was the last remaining link to a bygone age involving a more innocent and undemanding form of comedy; he had more in common with the likes of Charlie Chaplin and Harold Lloyd than the stand-ups of today.
Buy rating for superior profitability and undemanding valuation Our DCF-based target price of HK$7.
ALPHABEAT The Beat Is (Polydor) THE Scandinavian dynamic that ran through Abba, Aqua and Roxette is given new life in a sophomore set crammed full of catchy, undemanding chart fun.
60% rally since the dark days of early March, developed markets'' price-to-earnings ratios are still only at their median trading range for the last ten-year period, which, given that we are still in the recovery phase for the economy, looks undemanding.
It's a pleasant, undemanding programme that makes for pleasant, undemanding viewing.
If you like uncomplicated, undemanding indie rock 'n' roll, sung in a regional accent, then the answer is a resounding yes, or you might just think it sounds like any number of guitar bands right now.
WITH high-energy dance sequences, contrived romance and a beautiful cast of lithe young things with flat stomachs and even flatter dialogue, this works up just enough sweat to appeal to an undemanding teen audience.