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requiring little if any patience or effort or skill

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They are very undemanding and will withstand most abuse except for heavy handed watering and feeding.
It's undemanding, easy-to-swallow comedy but there a few ageist jokes likely to infuriate its target audience.
Engaging yet undemanding animated entertainment, The House Of Magic follows the adventures of abandoned kitten Thunder (Blue) who moves into the spooky mansion of magician Lawrence Levy), in a house brimming with antique props, gadgets and toys.
Keep a pliable undemanding manager who will not make waves to embarrass, if that is possible, his paymaster.
Promises to be an entertaining and undemanding read.
"It is a slightly intellectually undemanding thing to do, being a rock singer, but, you know, you make the best of it" - Sir Mick Jagger (pictured).
London, June 29 ( ANI ): Mick Jagger has revealed that he thinks that being a singer is 'intellectually undemanding' and that he once wanted to be a teacher and a journalist.
A new generation Touch Screen PC with a simple programming language, makes the use of the TJ advanced immediate and undemanding.
I know your reviewer had already warned me that it was 'an undemanding read--one to browse on a wet afternoon', but I was still rather disappointed.
Set in and around Atlanta and inspired by Heidi Murkoff's best-selling book of the same title, it shoehorns a menagerie of underwritten characters into 109 predictable and undemanding minutes, replete with tears and tantrums.
The music, by Tchaikovsky, was cheerful and undemanding, though I would have thought that the orchestra could have played it with a bit more verve and variation of volume.
He found the writing so undemanding as to be therapeutic."
As we see valuations of all Russian banks as undemanding, Sberbank in our view should again demonstrate its unique position in the Russian banking sector in 3Q11.
Accordingly, although valuations look undemanding compared to regional banks, investors clearly continue to assign a discount to the comparable lack of clarity on both asset quality and growth.
However, with the widely spaced lines and generally undemanding language it is relatively easy to read, giving readers a real picture of the horrible events that occurred at the time of World War Two.