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not showing courteous respect

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applies a very undeferential standard to what is worthless hate expression.
Not only is it outrageously undeferential, as Thai Cigarettes exemplifies, but it lacks an explicit or even coherent framework for proportionality testing and balancing, as Sea Turtles proves.
In the normal round of their daily lives, they were deeply engaged with parishioners or students, and especially after the Revolution, these lay men and women were an increasingly feisty opinionated, and undeferential lot who liked to think that they knew plenty about theology even if they did not read many or any formal treatments of the subject.
These ranged from merely expressing interest and discussing politics or signing a petition, to much more combative and decidedly undeferential modes of action such as boycotting, demonstrating, striking, and occupying buildings.
212) Much as modes of statutory interpretation that privilege only one legislative purpose empower courts to make politicized or arbitrary choices, a Commerce Clause analysis that recognizes only one relevant activity or perspective turns a previously deferential framework allowing laws to pass muster in numerous ways into a simplistic and undeferential framework rendering far easier judicial declarations of unconstitutionality.
223) Further, the court rejected the application of the Daubert test, stating that "[w]hile such a proposal might assure better documentation of an agency's scientific decisions, we think that forcing an agency to make such a showing as a general rule is intrusive, undeferential, and not required.
It is true that decisions in some circuits have emphasized that plenary review extends only to facts concerning the constitutional right at issue,(90) while most circuits do not make this careful distinction between critical and noncritical facts, referring only to the need for undeferential review of the whole record.
They were increasingly restive, undeferential, and unwilling to remain excluded from the politics of the capital city and from some share in the wealth so ostentatiously displayed around them.
This will strike some as a rather predictable projection on to Fielding of recent gender theory, but the book is refreshingly undeferential in its use of Judith Butler, Thomas Laqueur, and others, and (some rambling discursive endnotes apart) its first priority is always Fielding's text.
Unprotected by their minders, they can seem ill at ease when confronted by undeferential voters determined to receive straight answers.
Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit rejected Daubert's standards in an environmental case because judicial review under Daubert "is intrusive, undeferential, and not required," even though the court conceded it "might assure better documentation of an agency's scientific decisions.