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Synonyms for undefended

not defended or capable of being defended

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The order in the undefended petition for divorce was granted on the grounds of two years separation "by consent".
proposed to allow families with children over 13 years to be in the undefended centers of temporary residence.
A young British soldier and an equally young German soldier, both moved by the sound of armies singing 'Silent Night' in different languages on Christmas Eve, rise out of the trenches of warfare to risk encountering each other as undefended human beings.
Let us consider that the recent war was the third bloody incursion into the largely undefended Gaza Strip in the past seven years.
The planners got it wrong when they drew up the LDF and Kirklees will remain undefended until 2017 when the latest LDF will be in place.
Benzema shot a header which Enyeama kept out but he was soon defeated when he defended against a corner from Valbuena and left the goal vulnerable to an opportunistic Pogba who headed in a goal to an undefended net in the closing ten minutes.
Reports say the town was left undefended because of the belated deployment of troops stationed there to search for the missing schoolgirls.
Defenceless within, undefended without, Tibet remains a victim of the Cold War.
In their respective presentations during a seminar "Social Protection and the Informal Sector in Pakistan's Budget (Federal & Provincial)," Dr Qais Aslam sought a balance in supplying the much needed equity, social protection to poor, undefended sections of the society, the women and workers in the informal sectors-home based women and men.
I doubt you'll replace your 1911 with the FNP40, especially after the custom work is completed, but don't feel undefended.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- Turkey's central bank is betting the farm against market fears that a Fed tightening is around the corner and that the undefended lira is dropping.
law enforcement and national security officials that al-Shabab could carry out a similar attacks in America against "soft" undefended targets such as shopping malls, theaters, concerts and sporting events.
I hope we learn strength from the weakness around this case and take personal vows to never allow it to happen, undefended, again.
Residents complained their community had been left undefended as the insurgents shot up government buildings, hitting policemen.