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Synonyms for undefendable

not defended or capable of being defended

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Appointed on prime ministerial whim, undefendable in democratic, historical, ethical or even practical grounds, there is no real case for the House of Lords.
American workplace, because "wrongful, or at least undefendable,
Block's Defending the Undefendable has needled and irritated an entire generation of readers and compelled many to re-examine long-held beliefs in favor of the logic of libertarianism.
Had the board not granted the approval, Benson said the town would have wasted money defending a decision that was undefendable.
Brett's played 500 or 600 games and to do that is undefendable.
It is time now that Pir Mazhar must stop defending the undefendable and take efforts to resolve the issue in the best interest of the University and the students and also in the best interest of the future of education in Sindh.
We were under the cosh in the second half and some of Steven Gerrard's crosses were undefendable.
We were under the cosh in the second half and faced a barrage of crosses with guys like Steven Gerrard firing in almost undefendable balls.
When enforcing their charges for over-staying, they use bailiffs who will frequently charge pounds 360 or more in undefendable additional fees.
The Germans considered the island undefendable and their Italian allies useless: Facing superior numbers, German forces still managed to put up a successful defensive battle, allowing them to get 60,000 men plus heavy weapons across to the mainland, thanks to urelatively weak" delaying forces.
39) Walter Block, Defending the Undefendable (Auburn, AL: The Mises Institute, 2008 [1976]).
With the dashing Meg Lanning at the top of the order, it was quite clearly undefendable.
An undefendable medical malpractice suit against the hospital also resulted.
It's undefended and undefendable infrastructure, the pipelines and power lines and so on, and it runs through great spaces of open countryside and they run through aboriginal territories.
Of course, the goal of terrorists is to attack an area in an unexpected or undefendable manner.