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not left to spoil

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A large amount of C was concentrated in the undecomposed plant residue (>50-[micro]m organic fraction), as would be expected in a permanent pasture with a distinct organic layer within the depth increment 0-5 cm.
Peat materials are characterized by high porosity and water content as saturated water contents are reported to vary from nearly 100% for undecomposed Sphagnum moss peat in near-surface horizons to about 80% for decomposed peat in deeper horizons (Boelter 1968).
Greater increases in total SOC and greater stabilisation of added C could be attained with biochar due not only to greater amounts of undecomposed OC but to greater incorporation into more stable soil fractions.
Yet this undecomposed matter cannot simply be eliminated, because excrement "consists mainly of digested matter, or what the organism itself has added to the ingested material" (405).
5-10) Although the means for decomposing formaldehyde are effective, if sufficient ultraviolet radiation cannot be supplied throughout the indoor environment, undecomposed formaldehyde remains.
Aerating the soil to keep it healthy for beneficial micro-organisms needs to be done every couple of years, and thatching - removal of undecomposed material that smothers the soil - may be required every five years or so, depending on soil and water conditions.
In contrast, semantically opaque derived words are not represented in the lexical entry in terms of their original morphological structure [stem + affix], but as morphologically undecomposed forms.
The H horizon in site 1 consists of decomposed litter, whereas the histic epipedons range from relatively undecomposed (Of = Oi in U.
If too much CBA concentrate is used, undecomposed foaming agent will affect later processing.
The hummocks are composed almost entirely of the undecomposed tissue of dead individuals, while the surface is colonized by living individuals.
Undecomposed organic materials such as leaves and grass clippings that are washed into a lake will decompose eventually and release their nutrients into the water.
The corpses of those who had died during the winter may have been temporarily preserved in the snow without need of artificial processing until the spring, when they would have been buried in a relatively undecomposed and intact condition.
As melaleuca trees invade and form dense monospecific stands, soil elevations increase because of undecomposed leaf litter that forms tree islands and inhibits normal water flow.
To get top-quality compost, you need to separate twigs, rocks, and undecomposed vegetable matter from the good stuff.