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Quinn loses sleep, food, and sanity to get to the "brute, undeciphered code of being," an imaginary place or status that he believes Reznikoff has reached through his writing (AH, 35).
CONCLUSION: To summarize, deranged lipids irrespective of body mass index and waist hip ratio clandestinely grows up as an alteration in levels of contrasting biomarkers, not always in a conventional way of positive feedback phenomenon but also as an 'escape phenomenon' elucidated by a raised reactive hyperaemic response suggesting the probable role of yet undeciphered phenomena and vascular biomarkers.
The regulatory mechanisms controlling cytokine gene silencing and macrophage deactivation remain largely undeciphered. One recent study investigated the AKT activation status in macrophages of wild-type and MKP-1-deficient mice during the resolution of inflammation after muscle injury.
All that is recovered on subsequent investigation is an astrological work that is surrendered, undeciphered, to a local museum.
Washington, October 24 ( ANI ): The world's oldest undeciphered writing system is close to being cracked thanks to a new technology and online crowd sourcing, researchers say.
Travel Business Review-October 23, 2012--OXFORD - Technology helping to crack oldest undeciphered writing system(C)2012] ENPublishing - http://www.enpublishing.co.uk
Kanai observes Piya watching the river as "a textual scholar poring over an undeciphered manuscript: it was as though she were puzzling over a codex, that had been authored by the earth itself" (222).
He called the earlier of these systems Linear A (in the opinion of most, this remains undeciphered), and he used the term "Linear B" for the later system.
Located in a grand vertical gallery, the immense vase is the centrepiece in the room, but closer inspection of its surface reveals a wealth of Art Nouveau ornament and symbolist details--including life casts of spiders, juniper branches, scraps of lace, and other as yet undeciphered motifs.
At the same time, the predominance of the open and accessible designs of the painted pot, the semiotics of the village community is eclipsed by a new and arcane system of marks: the literacy and numeracy of the emergent urban rulers, cuneiform incisions on clay tablets in Mesopotamia, (9) ink brushmarks on silk, wooden tablets or bamboo in China, (10) the hieroglyphs of dynastic Egypt, (11) glyphic script of the Mayan priesthood (12) and the incised marks, as yet undeciphered, on the Harrapan pottery of the Indus Valley, (13) marks with meanings unknown to the communities that provided the basis of these ancient civilizations.
Among his claims were that the writing of Indus Valley (still undeciphered) was Sumerian, and that the Icelandic Elder Edda reveals the ancient Aryan makers of civilization.
Meadows blow by, fast-closing, undeciphered. Who in such profusion speaks for me?