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not capable of being given a date

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Working as an urban planner might, she is taking into account the daily needs of the illusive denizens while also putting to use in her plans all the different cartographic signs found on town maps of the past fifty years: Her drawings of the towns thus become as indefinable and undatable as their spectral residents.
xxxa (although not the more major works of the latter volume); clearly this is an issue that has its own intrinsic interest, but the need to justify the inclusion of works in volumes that are chronologically determined perhaps sometimes leads to a reluctance simply to declare a text undatable.
James Duport, a Cambridge scholar and poet, in an undatable poem from the mid-seventeenth century praised George Herbert by placing him within this tradition of Gregory of Nazianzus, thus finding a continuum of devout poetic use of the epigram form.
In volume 20, eight editors team up to glean in the field after the reapers and produce Prefaces &c, to the Collected Editions, Published Addenda, Marginalia, Manuscript Addenda, Undatable Manuscripts.
So daring are the products of the immediate post-Japan phase, such as the teapot mentioned above, that they are nearly undatable.
A fourth was found in the Thames River, London, in an undatable context (Brown 2001: 73, Fig.
The fourth Occitan sestina, by Pons Fabre d'Uzes, who is undatable but probably late, has uniform lines of eight syllables masculine.
In literary history, as Hinds's reading skillfully demonstrates, the losers (lost, fragmentary, undatable, or seldom-read texts) tell us as much as the winners do.
The stone, being undatable, could have been created for this ceremony.
Of the sixty-eight new peerage creations we are dealing with [see Appendix B (ii)], twenty-two took part in twenty-three marriages before 1330, thirty-three took part in thirty-four marriages during the period 1330-77, and seventeen marriages are undatable.
Even so, the micro-excavation and laser-decomposition carbon-extraction techniques (Watchman) appear to be producing impressive early results (for example, cover photograph of this volume) and offer a means of dating previously undatable rock-markings.
The Sophoclean Electra is notoriously undatable, but even leaving it out of account, the topic of Euripides' play will have already been familiar from the Oresteia of Aeschylus and doubtless several other now unknown Greek tragedians.
Unless dated by inscription, their lack of documentation and generic character mean that they are undatable.
Herlin's descriptions of the manuscripts and other scholarly apparatus are impeccably prepared; the limitations of undatable, derivative sources are clearly stated and editorial decisions defended.
As one who has watched the kachina story unfold through its early period of undatable rock art into the safer period of quasidatable pottery at d into the even more certain documented history, I found the book a compelling story of Pueblo religious development.