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The bomb, planted in a motorbike, targeted the van of Frontier Corps (FC), however the vehicle remained undamaged.
Experts say the bomber is remarkably undamaged despite the passage of time.
The nearby Bushehr nuclear plant remained undamaged.
Their mounting solutions have supported solar arrays throughout hurricane prone areas of the East Coast since 2009 and withstood the fiercest elements of nature remaining undamaged.
Their single storey cottage in Belmullet, Co Mayo was relatively undamaged by the fire, which broke out in the early hours of Monday morning.
Officers said the vehicle, which costs about pounds 160,000, was recovered undamaged less than an hour later and two suspects arrested thanks to the rapid response and a tracker device hidden in the car.
He said it was a "million to one chance" that he spotted the van, undamaged but locked.
A No one ever reaches an age of being undamaged by rejection, Janet.
Dorothy Denny, who owns the marina there with her husband, said it was a "miracle" the pounds 20,000 vessel was completely undamaged after becoming lodged on mooring posts.
However, in many environments, empty, undamaged gastropod shells are in short supply and this shortage may influence hermit crab shell selection behavior.
A vacuum and high-frequency infra-red elements are used to evaporate water molecules, leaving leaves intact and undamaged.
We went to the museum collection at Walter Reed Army Hospital to try the technique on teeth and then returned them undamaged," Smith said.
The device in the cellphone is a small black box that emits a pulsating frequency at around 17kh, audible to relatively undamaged ears.
The design of the chip-former helps reduce cutting forces and leaves a clean, undamaged surface.
Dickirson measured the undamaged side of the Corvette and used this information to create a CAD file from which a complete frame could be designed and built.