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How about all natural, uncured chicken bacon for only 30 calories?
Procurement Uncured Rubber (Spare Parts for Pipeline Interior Cleaning Piston Seal and Guide Seals)
Notably, the PosiTector PC now accepts all PosiTector probes easily converting from measuring uncured powder to cured dry film thickness, surface profile, and more.
They are bright blue in color in their uncured state, making them easy to see.
The recipes are Asian-inspired Sesame Chicken; Chicken Teriyaki and Chicken Stir Fry with Vegetables; classic American recipes Smoky Cheddar Mac & Uncured Bacon; Creamy Chicken & Portobello Risotto; and a Mexican-inspired Chicken Fajita Bowl with prices averaging at USD2.
golden brown in colour with a rich texture", grey uncured pork filling that is "moist and particulate" and made up of 30% meat minimum; with the filling and the pastry wall separated by jelly layer.
Is said to be capable of removing all solder pastes, including rosin, water-soluble, and no-clean, as well as uncured surface mount adhesives.
EDWARD says: Wrinkling is a rough, crinkled paint surface, which occurs when uncured paint forms a 'skin'.
The adhesives formulated with this technology are bright blue in color in the uncured condition, making them easy to see on the surface of substrates, in deep wells or when sandwiched between two layers of materials.
Uncured samples were collected to determine the interaction parameter and thermal properties, whereas cured samples were used to elucidate the miscibility and characterize how the highly crosslinking structure have an effect on both crystallization of PEG and the intermolecular interactions in the blends.
Now in distribution are Cheese, Vegetable, Mediterranean, Spinach & Feta, and Organic Uncured Pepperoni varieties.
The composition contains from 50 to 200 weight parts of aluminous cement and from 10 to 250 weight parts of xonotlite in the uncured state, the xonotlite being in the form of felted globules.
It is bringing out a special 'topless' Christmas pork pie which contain layers of uncured pork and chicken crowned with sage and onion stuffing.
Cooked to a traditional recipe of uncured pork, spices and hot water crust pastry, the pie is topped with cranberries to boost appeal during the Christmas period.
The HST sizing values for the paper produced averaged 30 to 55 seconds cured and 2 to 5 seconds uncured prior to the coating.