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Synonyms for uncultivatable

not suitable for cultivation or tilling


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Because culture as a tool is still threatened by the possible existence of uncultivatable organisms, several authors have emphasized the critical role that molecular, culture-independent techniques could play in further investigations of emerging infectious diseases, affirming that a reassessment of Koch's postulates for disease causation was required (4).
The search for appropriate media that could allow the growth of still uncultivatable or unrecognized bacteria has led us to try coculture with nonmammalian cells.
Another issue related to property is the fact that large sections of uncultivatable land in the interior were never granted to settlers, and remain crown land (i.
One of the reasons for this anomaly is the fact that as the size of the farm increases, the proportion of farm area that is either uncultivated or uncultivatable also increases, either because larger farmers hold land for other reasons such as prestige, power, and hedge against inflation, or because of poor-quality soil or lack of rainfall or the presence of problems like water-logging and salinity.
Identification of an uncultivatable Borrelia species in the hard tick Amblyomma americanum: possible agent of a Lyme disease-like illness.
Although mainly a research tool, nucleic acid sequence analysis coupled with target amplification is clinically useful and helps detect and identify previously uncultivatable organisms and characterize antimicrobial resistance gene mutations, thus aiding both diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases (5,8,9).