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smug self-serving earnestness

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Neatly painted pictures of Quayside scenes add a nice local touch and the service is attentive without the unctuousness which too many restaurants confuse with class.
His wide range of accents, intonations, and voices perfectly captures the unctuousness, the gruffness, the haughtiness, and the foolishness of the various characters.
Nevertheless, a scent of unctuousness betrays overscrupulous emotional laundering.
Given the transparency of the Bush Administration's lies, the unctuousness of its voice, and its unilateral contempt for any rule of law--civil, international, moral, or financial--why is it that we don't make unto the Lord a not-so-joyful noise?
Poretta's plangent tenor has both great range and accuracy without problems in passage, while baritone LeBron's vocal palette ran the gamut from velvet unctuousness to sinister steel.
If Blair found himself similarly indisposed it's doubtful whether there's an actor in the world who could match his theatrical range of verbose, meaningless unctuousness.
The Hugel Tradition 1997 Tokay Pinot Gris is smoky, rich, and dry, while the Hugel Hommage Jean Hugel is almost more like a late harvest wine with its rich unctuousness that is not honey-like in taste, but almost syrupy in its tactile consistency.
Extremely rich foods, from blue cheese to foie gras, fare well with sweet companions that have enough underlying acid to counter the foods' unctuousness.
During an interview while on daily deadline, Storin is bright, considerate of the questions asked of him and honest without urgency or unctuousness.
Here another killing caricature came in Trollope's Obadiah Slope, a man of greed allied to unctuousness.
And Ollie North, prickus americanus, polluting his trust and wanting our love for that; fraud, concealing, evading, our national pastimes; baseball - and lying; and unctuousness, it's called debasement; it's called slime.
I've grown sick of the hypocritical unctuousness of our leaders as each week they trot out the mechanical "heartfelt" tributes to the kids killed in useless conflict in Afghanistan.
Or even Rory Bremner - an indifferent impressionist, a sorry excuse for a satirist and a snide egotist but still, surely, preferable to a man who has pushed opportunist unctuousness to hitherto unplumbed depths
Pic is seriously marred by Schechter's annoying presence, which provides a used-car-salesman/informercial-host type unctuousness.