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in an unctuous manner

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Woodrow Wilson, for example, unctuously explained to Americans "the error of trying to do too much by vote.
The most dramatic moments of the novel are two murders, but what makes the book much more than a usual detective story is the author's knack for capturing the atmosphere of a "rich" provincial town in Hungary, laying bare its false pretences, deep contradictions, and unctuously held beliefs.
With respect to the US' role as ringleader, Saudi Arabia has had a longer and more reliable track record of unctuously serving on behalf of US Empire while Qatar is far more of a wild card, thus far, NATO has been privileging Saudi interests.
By the pond a solitary bullfrog throbs unctuously like a baritone practising a bark.
Riesling may be the best grape but it is far from unique in style, varying from dry to unctuously sweet.
Rich, heady, unctuously ducky, it was everything such a plate should be.
The thought that Uriah was not simply born unctuously umble startles David and makes him wonder.
Let's turn instead to John Paulson, the billionaire hedge fund manager who unctuously admonished Occupy protesters: "Instead of vilifying our most successful businesses, we should be supporting them and encouraging them to remain in New York City and continue to grow.
Our former Prime Minister met "The Leader" (as he unctuously called the tyrant of Tripoli) on at least three occasions between 2007 and 2010, enjoying the regime's hospitality and free flights.
For example, Baldwin began his 1960 essay "They Can't Turn Back" with a representative anecdote: a white employer in Tallahassee can appear almost unctuously friendly to her black chauffeur, and yet it would be disastrous ("the atmosphere would darken, and danger, even the threat of death, would immediately fill the air") if he were to try to shake her hand:
Continue until steak is tender, and sauce is unctuously reduced to a dark gravy At the same time, blanch cauliflower florets and reserve.
No question about it - Wales has cornered the market in producing the sort of unctuously, nose-tinglingly, divine curry sauce that is an absolute pre-requisite if your night on the town's going to end on a chip-related high.
Christianity is a religion of love and this is what the language used by the Catholic press should be," the presiding judge declared unctuously.
Sunday's gig is likely to inject a few more standards alongside the leader's own unctuously flowing pieces.
The Quartet's peacemaker, Tony Blair, is as unctuously nugatory as ever.