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Synonyms for uncrystallized

not finally or definitely formed

without real or apparent crystalline form

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118 at 126 (holding that a lien creditor is entitled to garnishment proceeds if a floating charge is uncrystallized).
Nevertheless, we feel the present demonstration is important in that it demonstrates that quantities measured from disorder ensembles of biomolecules in solution may hold the key to unlocking such fast structural changes in uncrystallized biomolecules in solution.
We believe that the crystallization behavior of PTT segments is limited by the soft PTMEG segments, and PTMEG and some uncrystallized PTT form the amorphous phase in the material.
Mitscherlich in the early nineteenth century suggested that crystals are distinct from uncrystallized bodies not through their integral molecules but by way of their chemical compositions.
While aguardente was produced on the large sugar plantations of Bahia and Pernambuco, it was a by-product made from molasses and the uncrystallized dregs left after sugar was produced.
We have a special obligation to seek out hidden and uncrystallized abilities in students" (p.
Uncrystallized silica binder will creep at high temperatures.
527) indicates that students tend to exhibit "incompletely formulated senses of self, rather uncrystallized sociopolitical attitudes" and "behave less emotionally and impulsively than the general population".
There are many students with high native abilities that remain uncrystallized because of a lack of opportunity, practice, and motivation.
Although Clausen is always admirably up-front about the quantitatively uncrystallized nature of his measure of planful competence, to my taste he doesn't sufficiently discuss why it seems to him to be a coherent notion at all.
Rugg and Cantril (1944) attribute response-order effects with questions concerning issues about which respondents have "uncrystallized" opinions.
For this reason, simply as a matter of efficiency, analysts of media effects would do well to focus upon "new" or "uncrystallized" opinions, even if they are atypical or intrinsically less significant than opinions that are better established and more firmly held.
If the focus is limited to 20-25 years, however, the case is strong, particularly since the authors see this social movement as "still uncrystallized and diffuse" (pp.
If uncrystallized PLA enters the drying process and is exposed to heating above 140 F, it will agglomerate and cause catastrophic blockages throughout the vessel.
In contrast to the 5/1 matrix, the 2/1 matrix showed an uncrystallized skin, probably due to the higher concentration of PET, that hindered the crystallization of PBT, and thus, structural differences appeared across the specimens.