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Synonyms for uncrystallized

not finally or definitely formed

without real or apparent crystalline form

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241, 244 (2002) (referring to uncrystallized floating charges as "an 'intermediate state of perfected but non-specific or floating' prior to crystallization of the floating charge, which is not accommodated within the Article 9 notice filing system" (citation omitted)); id.
Uncrystallized silica binder will creep at high temperatures.
527) indicates that students tend to exhibit "incompletely formulated senses of self, rather uncrystallized sociopolitical attitudes" and "behave less emotionally and impulsively than the general population".
There are many students with high native abilities that remain uncrystallized because of a lack of opportunity, practice, and motivation.
Although Clausen is always admirably up-front about the quantitatively uncrystallized nature of his measure of planful competence, to my taste he doesn't sufficiently discuss why it seems to him to be a coherent notion at all.
If the focus is limited to 20-25 years, however, the case is strong, particularly since the authors see this social movement as "still uncrystallized and diffuse" (pp.
In contrast to the 5/1 matrix, the 2/1 matrix showed an uncrystallized skin, probably due to the higher concentration of PET, that hindered the crystallization of PBT, and thus, structural differences appeared across the specimens.
There are other possibilities, related to the second critical point scenario, in which the low-pressure supercooling of uncrystallized bulk water is terminated by a first-order [sharp] transition to a second 'low-density' liquid phase," he says.
In addition to lamellar thickening, annealing operates through a partial melting and recrystallization process, growth of thin crystallies into the amorphous zones, and rearrangement of uncrystallized polymer chains (18) yielding to a more physically interconnected network.
The first production installation is at Sanplast in Brazil, extruding sheet from 100% undried, uncrystallized PET regrind.
The core zone, which remains uncrystallized after the mold-filling stage, crystallizes slowly during the packing stage.
The nature of the extended but uncrystallized chains in biaxially oriented PET bottles and its effect on the density is usually disregarded, and for simplicity, people continue to use the "degree of crystallinity" based on a simple two phase model with two reference values for the density, [[rho].
There has been a general agreement that they polyester block copolymers have a pure crystalline PBT phase and a single homogeneous amorphous phase containing soft segment and uncrystallized hard segment [3, 13].
a/fl] values in these samples represent the in-plane axial orientation o f the uncrystallized chains; they do not describe the orientation distribution in the thickness direction of the film.
They concluded that folded crystallized chains of PEO can be sandwiched between layers of uncrystallized amorphous PS.