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(of a check) not crossed


not crossed


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Research has shown sitting in a lecture with uncrossed legs and unfolded arms increased memory by 38% compared to sitting with legs crossed and arms folded.
Pitchers who displayed uncrossed eye/hand dominance patterns were 'distinctly more successful' than those with crossed dominance, whereas batters with crossed dominance were 'slightly more successful' than batters with uncrossed dominance.
Smania and Aglioti [23] found in a touch detection task that RBD patients with left hemispatial neglect detected left-hand stimulation with an accuracy of 36% in the uncrossed anatomical position whereas crossing the arms resulted in a detection accuracy of 65% of the left-hand stimuli.
Sit up straight in a chair with your hands and feet uncrossed and close your eyes.
Rodwin went home, got to work and invented The LOOP--a user-friendly disc ringed by cleats that keep wires uncrossed.
Occasionally throughout the next 45 minutes, they crossed and uncrossed themselves but alas they never moved from the horizontal to the perpendicular.
It's OK if you use Uncrossed because it is a quick way to switch the light to the other side of the gun for threat access.
He said: "In 1929 at the age of eleven I was transferred from Centaur Road School to a brand new Broadway School, where everything was sparkling new, with crisp books, uncrossed pen nibs and shining ink wells.
com/saturday-night-live/video/new-tarantino-movie/n32896/) DJesus Uncrossed ," aired on Saturday night's episode of the NBC comedy and featured host Christoph Waltz as the Messiah.
The scene in the 1992 thriller where Stone crossed and uncrossed her legs as she was interrogated by Michael Douglas led to speculation she was wearing no knickers.
It could be as simple as Tommy Lee Jones, in "Men in Black" having his legs crossed in a camera shot, then uncrossed, then crossed, then uncrossed.
As she uncrossed her legs, the singer's underwear was completely visible to the in-theatre audience and the millions of viewers at home.
I am the water, I am a whole, I am not afraid, it's over, I'm coming back, I am here, dust of nymphs, flowers of hedges, ashen film of tiny dead insects abandoned to the current, I sing, so small against the white upside-down sky, arms crossed, then uncrossed, a motor.
Luke Pogson, Jack Cooper, Calum Linton, Harry Franklin, Jamie Stringer, Danny Smith and Andy Dransfield were outstanding in keeping their line uncrossed.
We are reminded to keep our arms uncrossed and maintain eye contact, sit or stand erect, breathe normally (avoid a deep sigh for emphasis), smile and try to look friendly are only a few of the many suggestions offered to make asking and answering easier for both.