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Antonyms for uncross

change from a crossed to an uncrossed position


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Richard, I sat down in the theater, I crossed my leg and T didn't uncross it until the next hour," Ebert says.
The above discussion on crystallinity is limited to uncross linked NR .
ALL night long, Tracy takes every opportunity to cross and uncross her legs and flash herself at Steve - even in the restaurant.
Lord of the Rings was the only film on last night's agenda -and in true Barry Norman style,Ross refused to uncross his legs all night.
The star whose most famous scene saw her uncross her legs to reveal her lack of underwear in Basic Instinct said she now felt ``embarrassed'' to be posing for the paparazzi and was happier in her role as a wife and mother.
Q THERE has been so much written about that famous scene when you uncross your legs.
Silent films comic actor Ben Turpin had pounds 20,000 cover on his famously crossed eyes, figuring that should they uncross his income would fall.
Now uncross those legs and get down to the nearest bookshop
DON'T uncross your fingers just yet, but it seems like there will be no repeat of last summer's exams chaos this year.