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not used for growing crops

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Essaydi uses an analogue camera and she deliberately includes the uncropped white borders of the film in her prints to highlight the fact that her settings and characters are fabricated, yet they are based on historical, social and cultural facts, thus mocking the imaginary scenes of oriental women in harems portrayed by Western artists in well-known Orientalist paintings.
On the web (inquirer.net), the version carried the uncropped photo.
Rolston DE, Rao PSC, Davidson JM, Jessup RE (1984) Simulation of denitrification losses of nitrate fertilizer applied to uncropped, cropped, and manure-amended field plots.
His previously unpublished work, uncropped images and contact sheets present a more complex and nuanced view of Jewish life.
The uncropped images are far too explicit to reproduce in a family newspaper.
when, ask and have, The woman who wakes all this rapture leaned Flower-like from out her window long enough, As much uncomplimented as uncropped By comers and goers in Via Vittoria: eh?
(2002), mulch application rate had a significant effect on the seasonal C[O.sub.2] emission of uncropped land with average daily fluxes generally higher in the mulched than in the bare plots [15].
Second, they will see the same pictures uncropped (extended version).
The uncropped farm would have yielded little skunk cannabis, but if properly grown it could have produced 3.7kg of the Class B drug worth pounds 15,900.
Basically, HIAs in our study areas constituted only small percentages of the land use during the study period ([less than or equal to] 2.4%; Table 1) and they were of two main types: 1) patches habitat improvement actions (PHIAs), consisting mainly of game crops Sorghum spp., uncropped wheat Triticum spp.
But he said there was "significant concern" that there had been a "dramatic reduction" in the amount of uncropped land to 82,409ha from 130,374ha.
The primary 8-megapixel camera includes Nokia's exclusive Carl Zeiss optics, with large aperture and wide angle focal length (28mm) for high-quality, uncropped images even in low-light conditions.
In observance of the 100th anniversary of the ship's sinking, a 2004 image was reissued to the public in an uncropped version, which shows a coat and boots buried in the mud at the site two-and-a-half miles below the ocean's surface, where the legendary passenger liner now lies.