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in an uncritical manner


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From the title and the dedication to the Israeli Air Force as the "true Rocks of Israel," it becomes immediately clear that this monograph is dedicated to uncritically lauding the Air Force as an honorable and effective bulwark of Israeli military affairs.
Here he takes to task internet "celebrants": those uncritically cheerleading tech-led economic growth in all its forms; those engaged in a myopic game which identifies online spontaneity as the preeminent vehicle for democracy promotion.
At the anniversary Mass, he said the council opened up to "dialogue with the modern world" only because its faith was rock solid, but that in the following years, "many embraced uncritically the dominant mentality" and doubted the "very foundations" of Catholic faith.
A broader limitation of the report is that many of the findings and conclusions are presented too uncritically and without sufficient justification.
I WAS surprised to read stereotyped and inaccurate views about "the Welsh" reported uncritically as part of an feature ("This charming man", Echo, November 23), especially when the writer is your excellent Cardiff-born arts reporter Dave Owens.
He gives interesting insights into the war with Germany and into the workings of the Soviet state as he saw them not uncritically, at least in retrospect.
Turning the argument so uncritically to the outside world suggests filmmaker Lucy Walker (Waste Land) needs a big lesson in politics.
While some scholars have consulted the original manuscript, others have uncritically accepted the published version as the original play.
Overall, the LDF appears to be intellectually lazy in that it uncritically proposes the development of green land.
The official said: "it is regrettable that such clerics rush to announce their position uncritically and that they became an easy victim of baseless reports mainly promoted by terrorists and separatists who are seeking to harm the national unity and stability of Yemen.
We hope that the Greek and international press will not be exposed by reproducing uncritically as 'facts' things that affect Aristotle Onassis' memory, and only help the release of Mr Evans' book.
Your Comment also swallows uncritically the argument there is no alternative to a "swift deficit reduction plan", even though many leading economists warn that such a hatchet job on public spending will risk a double dip recession.
I do know of councillors who have turned up once a week or less, and the odd unqualified amateur (mentioned), uncritically rubber stamping decisions.
To imagine that this generation of the black race has uncritically acquiesced to the Western-centric discourse that "a black woman who chooses to wear a horse's tail over her head is considered more beautiful than the one who wears her natural hair" is, as Akua succinctly puts it, heartbreaking.
If we uncritically accept the claims of some local and foreign media outlets, I think, we would be disloyal to sacrifices of Afghans and the IEC.