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not creative

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The other side of the binary is uncreative. As hard as it is to define creativity, it is harder to define uncreative.
Many people believe veganism is a trend, that all vegan food tastes the same, boring, bland way and, above all, that it is uncreative, not filling and lacks flavour.
And he is encouraging the younger generation to embrace the scrounger mentality and "claim what belongs to you." Then we wonder why our youth are ultra-conservative, uncreative and risk-averse, the ambition of most limited to getting an easy job in the public sector.
The new law is uncreative; establishing a 48-hour workweek might have better suited ag's special needs, he said.
"[It] wouldn't be the first time uncreative talentless f***s from big labels and/or big film firms steal ideas from small independent creatives who are trying really hard to make something different for a change," the group was quoted as saying by (http://www.aceshowbiz.com/news/view/00080197.html) Ace Showbiz.
Some have called franchising "entrepreneurship for the uncreative," and for more than one reason.
Finally, the most important tip, avoid bland, uncreative gift ideas.
Sales buzzwords are even more uncreative and obnoxious than filler words.
Among its uncreative residents is a young boy named William, who one day discovers that a tree outside the orphanage where he lives has been magnificently altered into an owl.
Ugly, uncreative, desperate at times, but packed with commitment and, most promisingly, the ability to move up a gear when required.
When the book becomes database, writing becomes algorithm (106-7); Epplin connects Katchadjian's "recombinant dynamic" (112) with Kenneth Goldsmith's uncreative writing and Lev Manovich's database aesthetic; in all cases, the writing algorithm becomes a process of assemblage.
A majority (73%) also said they believed current policies for the school curriculum and pupil assessment are "narrow and uncreative".
The study's finding that people who leave religion were more imaginative in childhood contradicts the stereotype of atheists as uncreative automatons.
Whether it was down to low budgets, unfashionable stylists, uninspired choreographers, uncreative writers, or the unfortunate lack of style that singer possesses which led to creating those monstrosities, bad publicity is good publicity, no?