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not creative

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Among its uncreative residents is a young boy named William, who one day discovers that a tree outside the orphanage where he lives has been magnificently altered into an owl.
Ugly, uncreative, desperate at times, but packed with commitment and, most promisingly, the ability to move up a gear when required.
When the book becomes database, writing becomes algorithm (106-7); Epplin connects Katchadjian's "recombinant dynamic" (112) with Kenneth Goldsmith's uncreative writing and Lev Manovich's database aesthetic; in all cases, the writing algorithm becomes a process of assemblage.
It doesn't matter how uncreative your business - you can be a firm of accountants, a multinational selling soap powder - the emphasis is still on playfulness, with a look that is somewhere between kindergarten and modern furniture showroom.
The study's finding that people who leave religion were more imaginative in childhood contradicts the stereotype of atheists as uncreative automatons.
Whether it was down to low budgets, unfashionable stylists, uninspired choreographers, uncreative writers, or the unfortunate lack of style that singer possesses which led to creating those monstrosities, bad publicity is good publicity, no?
Brands look uncreative and copy cat if the ambush campaign isn't executed properly," says Chawla.
If someone constantly uses the F-word as an all-purpose adjective, it makes you wonder whether they're equally uncreative and slothful in everything they do.
I'm not saying that defenders are uncreative but their style of play is dif-dif ferent and we'll all feel tired for dierent things but it is a bit more noticeable if a ball comes in and someone has a bad touch when they are potentially going to score.
Barca dominated possession but were uninspired and uncreative, failing to create any clear chances in what was their worst performance of the season and their fourth defeat.
It may not have been the most convincing of wins against a lacklustre Blackpool side that looked tired and uncreative, but one man stood out and shone again, which may make Bakary Sako's absence that bit easier to come to terms with.
I don't like to have an uncreative, grey, boring life .
It showed that while teaching mathematics to the elementary students, if the teacher is not creative, the uncreative students are just more successful than creative students.
Even the most uncreative among us can spook things up and pull a sheet over our heads.
The 2014 campaign has been the most boring and uncreative campaign I can remember.