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used especially of fabrics


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There was Sarah Jessica Parker (near left), lipstick still in place, dress entirely uncreased and with that inexplicable pot plant still perched on her head.
Cosmetics giant L'Oreal came under fire late last year for promoting an antiaging cream via a fake blog (a "flog") purportedly written by an uncreased 30-something named Claire, but more likely the work of a senior PR executive named Jean-Paul.
But more symbolically, with her unmarked, uncreased body, Sasha has no physical evidence that the birth ever happened.
How when the little ones came out, her skin softened, her eyes widened, her brow uncreased.
The cubbyhole and cup-holder count is pretty impressive, with all seats being catered for in the beverage stakes and, while a roomy glovebox, front door and seat back pockets are also handy receptacles, there is also a centre console box, an underseat drawer and even a couple of coat hooks for those who wish to look smooth and uncreased at journey's end.
Unshod, uncreased, the feet of the recently resurrected
The dresses were uncreased, her black hat undamaged.
Carrying his black, uncreased hat in his right hand, and bracing the money belt with the other, Ellis ran most of the way across the pasture.
His own feet aimed to stay protected in buffed black shoes and uncreased socks with round-the-calf garters that even hosiery salesmen wouldn't know what to call now.
He combined it with an uncreased pale blue shirt and a silk tie in a shock fashion move.
Must be made of unfolded, uncreased paper or card stock that's no less than 0.007[inches] or more than 0.0095[inches] thick.
The artwork is understated but expensive, the New Yorkers uncreased and up-to-date.
But for fur felt, the creasing can be as individualized as a fingerprint: many shops but hats uncreased, then let the customer choose the topography of ridges he or she feels best expresses the cowboy soul.
10/10 Scrunchability Carney claims we can put the new banknotes through the mill but in our test, which involved screwing up an old and new fiver to the size of an egg, neither emerged uncreased, although the plastic version did seem to bounce back a bit quicker.