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remove from the crate

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The taxidermist did an exemplary job of packing the mount for safe transit, which only made me all the more anxious to uncrate it.
In effect, we have delivering dealers who work closely with Home Depot to uncrate the equipment, make sure it runs well and to service after the sale.
Uncrate the new dishwasher according to the instructions on the box.
By the time we uncrate our new HDTV, we will have been taught to think of it as the machine that has taken over the arduous audio-visual task we have been performing for the past couple of decades.
In the view of most analysts, the deployment of the Prithvi along India's western border could be highly destabilizing, inciting Pakistan to uncrate and deploy the M-11 missiles received from China.
In a wild scene, they proceed to uncrate the ark of the covenant.
The Astronomy Department at the University of Massachusetts Amherst is requesting bids from qualified vendors to provide, furnish, deliver, uncrate, assemble and set-in place one (1) Dilution Refrigerator for the TolTEC Project per the attached specifications or approved equal.
Something that looks great, shoots like hell's-afire and when you uncrate it at the range people stop in their tracks and say, "whoa .
Plus, that's your time to uncrate the robot and have some practice matches.
It took 23 men 90 days to simply uncrate the 36,000 stones, and their efforts reportedly netted seven tons of salvageable nails.
Some of the large equipment we uncrate is so heavy it would require three or more people to depalletize it," he says.
To make the cut, a dealer needs to demonstrate "an ability and readiness to serve the high-end customer; having highly trained sales forces; a willingness to meet stringent display requirements; a willingness to meet specific goals, and an ability to crate, uncrate, deliver and install high-end product.
Employees of the market uncrate the fish and heave it up onto an ancient-looking scale.