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having the coupling undone

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The great Michael Sheen and I consciously uncoupled over Christmas.
Key statement: A copolymer is made by coupling the ends of a living polymer obtained from copolymerization of a diene monomer with a multi-reactive polysiloxane compound and subsequently modifying the remaining uncoupled ends with an amine compound.
In January 2003, a rail trailer became uncoupled from a vehicle near Culgaith, just 20 miles from the scene of the later tragedy.
In January 2003, a rail trailer became uncoupled from a vehicle near Culgaith, only 20 miles from the scene of the later tragedy.
This sequencing alone would appear to disturb Patterson's view that in Hughes's art "black folk were everywhere, but they lacked regional distinctiveness and were uncoupled from the political economy in which they were born and shaped.
The rear suspension uses an acoustically uncoupled subframe made of high-tensile steel and isolated by four large rubber mounts.
FOUR rear carriages of an intercity train uncoupled yesterday - stranding hundreds of passengers including former Minister Peter Mandelson.
And bliss uncoupled from its shadow, we discover once again, isn't so compelling.
However, in October 2001, the Treasury Department stopped issuing the 30-year bond -- though the old bonds are still out there -- and the bond rate has been declining, causing required funding levels to become uncoupled from actual obligations.
For instance, he describes the campaign as functioning like clockwork, a fittingly mechanical simile, which goes quite uncoupled to the notorious fact that the Clintons ate never on time.
Topics covered include theoretical bases and connections between deformation, flow, and transport in the subsurface; coupled and uncoupled processes and their respective restraints and significance; the effects of heterogeneities; and popular and special analytical and numerical methods in related fields.
The silicon pressure sensor is mechanically uncoupled from the external mechanical structure, isolating the transmitter from installation stresses as well as operational vibration and shock.
In 1611, Louis XIII yielded to local resistance and uncoupled hospital reform from efforts to extend aid to veterans; the expropriation and merger of endowments that were not serving their original charitable purpose continued through the work of a new "Chamber of the General Hospital Reform.
And soon, Arasi believes the mezzanine piece may be uncoupled.