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  • verb

Synonyms for uncouple

to separate one thing from another thing

Synonyms for uncouple

disconnect or separate


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Polyoptics' technology consists of two major innovations: Optical simulation calculations to zero in on the optimal uncouple structure pattern; and precision tool inserts made via laser processing or laser lithography.
The new robust thread design, claimed to provide a strong, effective transfer of energy, ensures that the components stay rigidly in place, yet are easier to uncouple. The added strength and precision of the 60 mm rod also allows operators to drill holes using bit diameters ranging from 115 mm to 165 mm.
Riyadh launched a process of privatisation of public companies in 1997 in order to reduce bureaucracy and uncouple their development from fluctuations in oil prices, which currently regulate the Government's investment capacity.
"If they uncouple that decision...," Hansen says, "that's a potentially bad ruling for the civil rights community."
Megan's finishing statement concluded: "We haven really conducted our relationship that privately and we hope that as we consciously uncouple and co-parent we will be able to continue in the same manner.
GWYNETH Paltrow has admitted she has thought about whether she was right to "consciously uncouple" from Chris Martin but said they are now well and truly in the friend zone.
Why can't the company put two or three more carriages on at peak times and uncouple them at 9am?
Author Joanna Blythman says this is because: "The huge emphasis on snacking has helped uncouple British eating from the civilising protocols to which countries with sound food cultures still adhere."
Manufactured as one moving part for easier maintenance, the simple design includes a quarter-turn reverse to save time and it is easier than having to uncouple the supply line and turn the entire hose several times.
Feld's decision, brave but obviously and responsibly sensible, has been to "uncouple," as he puts it, the company and the school, "so that one might be preserved and thrive and the other be reborn." This will not be the first time that held and his company (under various names) have had to rise phoenix-like from their ashes, and somehow I am sure that Feld's indomitable phoenix spirit will once again prevail.