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He added, 'Over the past one year, we have lost uncounted heads of livestock at the site where they eat polythene papers, yet nobody seems to care."
dreadful sentence of uncounted sins I shine I shine
Root made such a request, and in the course of the recount, two uncounted ballots were discovered in favor of Root on December 19, at which time, Root filed his case.
These efforts are meant to ensure that no one will be left uncounted in the National Population and Housing Census.
If seats are distributed based on the existing census, then those not represented in the official figures will remain uncounted and the purpose of the increase in seats will not be achieved.
A classroom containing vote-counting machines (VCMs) and still uncounted ballots was burned by unidentified persons in San Pablo town, Zamboanga del Sur province, shortly before midnight on Wednesday, police said.
There are gun sales that aren't subject to background checks, so those gun purchases go uncounted. 
At Private Ellison's grave, May wrote: "They were staunch to the end against odds uncounted We will remember them."
Hundreds of other people were injured and scores of uncounted bodies could still be buried in collapsed buildings in Sigi and Balaroa under quicksand-like mud caused by Friday's quake.
For years uncounted a culture of impunity has protected the not-so great and good, the rich and the powerful, the corrupt and the looters.
The project will engage with faculty, students, artists and local community members for the creation of public art, signage, monuments, built environments, devised performances, and interactive pedagogical theater in order to increase underrepresented student retention through authentic collaboration with the local community and recognizing uncounted histories.
He said the remaining uncounted votes will not affect election results.
It is unclear whether the Beacon School has held similar commemorations for, say, refugees the Turkish military has shot along the country's border with Syria, or the uncounted civilian victims of US military operations overseas.
Speaking to journalists on Wednesday, Kozhin said that the US-led coalition destroyed Raqqa city completely and uncounted part of its population was killed and buried under the rubble.
The album has 10 songs, which includes Maobenka, Mpopi, Mpopela and Kgatlha Thuu, which portrays everyday life issues that were uncounted by people and other songs in the album speaks love and happiness.