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Here, we shall define an uncountable subclass of the strong Liouville numbers which we named as ultra-strong Liouville numbers: a real number [xi] is called an ultra-strong Liouville number, if the sequence [([p.
While Arlt's aguafuertes are numerous and describe uncountable scenes of the city, two of the most salient aspects of the aguafuertes are that unlike the published book, they are in a constant state of flux.
Summary: The stage has known uncountable theatrical and dance incarnations of "Romeo and Juliet.
Uncountable, counting numbers, one-to-one correspondence
Majdalani warned that the cycle of violence in the West Bank and in Jerusalem is enlarging, as "the behavior of the Israeli government creates uncountable and uncontrolled reactions, and it is responsible for it.
The number of hidden talents among youth in Egypt is uncountable.
Written by professional college counselors, Finding Your U: Navigating the College Admission Process distills thirty years' of wisdom in the field, hundreds of college campus visits, and uncountable conversations with college deans and reps into an accessible, user-friendly guide to understanding the ecomplex process of choosing a university best suited to one's needs, and earning admission.
Meyer has created an uncountable number of arrangements for horn octet, mostly in a lightly commercial style, with tight harmonies informed by the language of jazz.
To take just one example, for every Andrew Lloyd Webber there are uncountable numbers of inspired and aspirational tune-smiths whose work never gets beyond the school concert.
This magazine notes that there are uncountable scores of men of goodwill that do not use their strength to hurt.
We caught 11 African pompano that day, keeping two, and an uncountable number of AJs.
Even as her life provides a playground for screenwriters, she also figures in an uncountable number of novels, histories, and pseudo histories.
Larger TVs require smarter technology, which Samsung truly delivers in its piece-of-art UHD TV with an exponential number of pixels, a myriad of new superior features that heighten picture quality next to embedded services and applications, Internet connectivity and uncountable content.
He was a man with a close, loving family and uncountable friends and he had lived a full and varied life.
Synopsis: "A Biography of the Spirit" offers an astonishing revelation of the beauty, might, subtlety, simplicity, and love that infuses everything, from a trillion bacteria around us we cannot see to uncountable stars above us to billions of living things at the bottom of the sea to a singular bird on our windowsill.