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Synonyms for uncorroborated

unsupported by other evidence

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The Dubai Court of First Instance had earlier cleared the engineer of raping his housemaid on uncorroborated evidence.
Man cleared of charges due to uncorroborated evidence
Over uncorroborated evidence, the Dubai Misdemeanours Court acquitted the 30-year-old Moroccan woman, N.
That the allegation that Iraq could launch WMDs in 45 minutes came from just one uncorroborated and, therefore, potentially unreliable source.
Dubai A court has acquitted a policeman and an immigration officer in a Dh55,000 bribery case due to uncorroborated evidence.
If this means taking action based on uncorroborated intelligence, rather than hard evidence, then so be it.
However, the DOJ panel dismissed the case, stating that Adorco's testimony alone was insufficient, since it was uncorroborated by another witness.
The uncorroborated statements of Adorco, which are the only evidence against the respondents have no probative value and are inadmissible in evidence against them,' the resolution stated.
Summary: Court acquits maid of sexually abusing sponsor's 2-year-old son due to uncorroborated evidence
Regina Birdsell, R-Hampstead, seems to believe Trump's uncorroborated claims and, rather than show the necessary leadership to refute them, she is working on ways to limit voter participation.
Forget the uncorroborated Trump allegations: Israel's police may have the goods on Benjamin Netanyahu.
These reports remain uncorroborated by any official Israeli source.
Sir Richard, who was called in to review the force's handling of sex crime claims against high-profile suspects, said the trio's reputations "were shattered by the word of a single, uncorroborated complainant".
The embassy is aware of a general but uncorroborated threat against the Marriott hotel in Islamabad.
Her article contains so many omissions and uncorroborated assertions it feels like a neo liberal polemic.