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incapable of being controlled or managed

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555, 566-67 (1999) (holding that an individual with amblyopia, an uncorrectable eye condition, was not covered by the ADA's definition of disability); Sutton v.
He said: "He hit the same jump in the same way, but landed almost past the front wheels - the bike was close to vertical and was uncorrectable.
If missing or uncorrectable nonconforming data were judged to be critical, some grantees requested updated submissions from data providers, but all were careful to limit such requests so as not to impose unduly on their data partners.
If, in this example, the testator's belief that his daughter worshipped Satan was wholly unfounded, uncorrectable, and a symptom of a "diseased mind" which caused him to make his will in a certain way, the affected provisions would fail.
By contrast, the defense lawyers said the evidence would conjure bias, releasing "an unpredictable and uncorrectable cloud of prejudices.
when the woman's life or health would be significantly endangered by continuing the pregnancy, or when the fetus appears to have serious and uncorrectable medical conditions or genetic disorder.
4) Such guidance is particularly appropriate in light of the statutory bar on appeals from most remand orders, a bar that renders erroneous remand orders largely uncorrectable.
In generous welfare-state economies, the growing number of grasshoppers (wards of the State) is creating a federal-deficit situation that is uncorrectable and hence unsustainable without imposing a suffocating level of taxation on the ants.
Believe me this an easy mistake to make and one that is nearly uncorrectable.
Subjects were excluded if they had significant uncorrectable visual deficits; major communication or neurocognitive deficits; skin conditions that prevented prosthetic wear; an electrically controlled medical device; or any significant comorbidity, cognitive deficit, or mental health problem that would limit their ability to participate fully.
Non-fatal cases only, each ripped from the investigative funny pages of apparently uncorrectable errors, such as loss of directional control on landing, largely attributable to lack of crosswind capability--the pilots', not the airplanes'.
It used to be that when a book was printed thousands of copies were printed at the same time and distributed to book stores, leaving any errors uncorrectable.
Just as the figure of the life as an uncorrected and uncorrectable first edition reflects the perspective of the growing print market, so, too, to a certain degree, does the companion figure of the memoir as a record of the memoirist's moment-by-moment engagement with his past: both rest on the opposition between the public and permanent printed book and the private and still-malleable manuscript.
Patients with uncorrectable bleeding diathesis were excluded.