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draw the cork from (bottles)

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By day, Uncork daylights as a specialist wine retailer and then from 5pm, the corks pop (metaphorically) and bottles begin to pour as it transforms its earthy wooden space with candles, low lighting and background lounge jazz into a real wine bar.
Two events popularized by the former UnCork York trail will continue.
The study's political effect was immediately apparent, in the industry's decision to uncork it on Capitol Hill in conjunction with the Congressional Wine Caucus which, with 250 members, is one of the largest in Congress.
UNCORK your chilled wine with one of these funky numbers.
He removed Rosecrans and rallied troops for an offensive to uncork the bottle.
However, before storage resource companies uncork the champagne, they might consider a nagging issue that won't go away: the problems associated with multi-vendor SAN solutions and support.
All of this could uncork a torrent of debate on this side of the Atlantic about whether Medicare should pay for smoking-cessation pacifiers, no doubt accompanied by a surgeon general's warning: "Pucker up and insert only as directed.
In response to your article "It's Time to Uncork the Bottle" (News, September), I agree with your sentiment, but disagree with your conclusions.
Just when you thought it was safe to rake a tipple of port (sorry, make that South African fortified red wine) a new booze battle has erupted between Brussels and Pretoria that threatens to uncork this year's 32m litre tariff-free quota for the export of South African wines to the European Market.
Bubbling Champagne sales over Christmas and the Millennium helped Majestic Wine, the wine merchant, uncork a fizzing set of results yesterday.
In his book, at least, Darman's heroic efforts here fall short, and one senses the relief of a man who can finally uncork an those smarter-than-thou retorts bottled up over a decade of making nice with idiots.
IT'S TIME to uncork the champagne and raise the roof as Saab celebrates two decades of building executive rag-tops with the launch of an eye-catching 20th anniversary model, the Saab 9-3 Convertible Cerulean edition.
A BERKSWELL landlord is toasting success after finishing a course designed to uncork secrets about wines.