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lacking warmth or friendliness

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But the uncordial -- if not hostile relations -- between the two countries' governments is undoubtedly one reason some Israelis are sympathetic to the Syrian opposition and the people under attack by the Assad regime.
When, the following year, a political journalist asked his small daughter if she would like to go to the party again that year, the child replied: "Will that nice dinner lady be there again?" Her relations with the one-time formidable Norwegian prime minister, Gro Harlem Brundtland, were, to say the least of it, uncordial.
Tiwari, whose uncordial relations with Raje is an open secret, asserted that he was not against paying ` 112 to the chief secretary as it could have been his rightful claim, but it was certainly revealing of the functioning of the state bureaucracy.
Trying to draw quotes from Hills senior has been likened to trying to defuse an unexploded bomb - one wrong move and it all goes up in your face - but relations were never as uncordial as they might have seemed.