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Synonyms for uncoordinated

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lacking in cooperative planning and organization

lacking the skillful and effective interaction of muscle movements

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Muallem further said Syria had been "contacted" by the US about new plans for backing the US-trained militants, saying Damascus opposes any uncoordinated military move inside its territory.
With the current tax incentives system that has been largely unaccounted and uncoordinated, the government loses billions of pesos in revenues every year which could have helped improve our fiscal position," Finance Secretary Cesar Purisima said.
Just a few highlights: During the shots in the synagogue, both of Drake's sides, Jewish and Black, sit engaged as Drake, in tallis and kippah and flanked by an Israeli and American flag, solemnly reads at the bema At the after party, yes, people are drinking Manischewitz out of the bottle, but the people dancing aren't uncoordinated or bringing ridiculously impressive moves to the floor.
Following the announcement, the bank said that biggest threats to future earnings were uncoordinated regulatory and policy changes.
The governing parties support immediate elections but they are uncoordinated about the time when elections should be held.
Additionally, Eurelectric criticises the predominantly national view and mandate of regulators and grid operators leading to an uncoordinated expansion of infrastructure.
Among more detailed discussions are how social insurance systems are fragmented and uncoordinated, opening social insurance access to all, unemployment benefits, and traditional systems.
Attempts to move Parliament and the Government were uncoordinated and largely ineffective and there was no clear 'channel of communication' between affected families and relevant government departments.
For the past five years, ministers have been undertaking frequent private and official uncoordinated travels abroad, some of which could have been handled by their low ranking civil servants or head of missions in such respective countries.
The Scotland Yard boss said efforts to tackle organised criminals have been uncoordinated and inadequate for many years.
Even the explanation of president Ivanov that a reasonable compromise is a reasonable compromise seems reasonable if compared with the uncoordinated standpoints regarding the name which were presented by the Government over the last ten days, says Ivana Kostovska from Nova Makedonija.
The United States has fallen behind, the report argues, due to a focus on stimulating domestic demand without providing adequate support for the manufacturing side and a reliance on small, uncoordinated market incentives.
There are now more incidents directed against the ISAF and Afghan forces than there were but they are still uncoordinated.