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Synonyms for uncooperative

Synonyms for uncooperative

unwilling to cooperate


intentionally unaccommodating

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It has an excellent head and teachers with the patience and skills to turn pupils who are aggressive and uncooperative into ones who aspire to do better.
Clinton, in his call to Sharif, had said, "I understand, but there's a difference between being uncooperative and not giving him up, and being uncooperative and allowing him to conduct operations.
Glanmor Griffiths was said to be uncooperative at the police station PICTURE: Andrew James [umlaut]
So this PhotoFace system, which recognises noses, would work better with uncooperative subjects or for covert surveillance.
uncooperative patients : children who keep their lips sealed during care, cry and try to impair the procedures with their hands.
However, when a child's behaviour is highly uncooperative, parental presence may negatively reinforce misbehaviour and the lack of affective dentist-patient communication prevents the application of these techniques [AAPD, 2008].
Uncooperative Federalism in Theory: The Power of the Servant
2 : to be or come in the way of : hinder <She was uncooperative and obstructed the investigation.
A detonator shoved in an uncooperative bank manager's mouth with obvious consequences and a pencil skewered into a man's eye.
The most rowdy and uncooperative employees of all--students.
The officers hunt those responsible for a shocking happy-slap attack, but their only lead proves uncooperative.
As a result, the country will be removed from the OECD's list of uncooperative tax havens--on which now only three countries remain: Andorra, Liechtenstein and Monaco.
Governments are quite right to tax uncooperative people who refuse to adapt and persist in wastefully destabilising the planet ( preferably until such people can no longer afford to do so.
carriers have made it clear that if they can't wring more out of the GDS companies, travel agencies that use uncooperative GDSs will have to do the giving.
In addition to school personnel, coaches also avoid being abrasive, uncooperative or rude with the media, coaches, or opposing administrators.