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(spoken slang) unfashionable and boring

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Matt will lead the exploration of wines once so uncool, they're almost cool Fonseca general manager Danielle Youds
However, one of the researchers behind the study, which marks the release of 'Modern Family' on Blu-ray and DVD, warned parents that if they tried too hard to keep up, they may end up being more "uncool" than they were in the first place.
"When I grew up asthma always seemed like something that was a geeky, uncool thing to have," he admitted.
I'm getting fed up with the accepted stereotypes of 'cool' and 'uncool' and this is one such example.
Apparently everyone else in the country still considers the Brummie accent untrustworthy and uncool.
Police had hoped that the music would make the bus station in Stanley, County Durham, an "uncool" place to hang out.
I always feel incredibly uncool around him; therefore he's my role model.
so uncool) I opted for a grim academic publisher in not-yet-chic downtown Manhattan.
With his trademark long legs, knee-high socks and a pink pom-pom skirt, he skims around the stage like a demented Daddy Long Legs - the coolest of uncool. The fact that the Manic Street Preachers have made it to the stage of the NEC at all is a huge relief to the audience.
Realize that not recognizing Christmas doesn't make anyone weird or uncool. You, like many others, have your own traditions, and that's something to celebrate.
The box even claims to help the "nerdy, uncool" and those "over 30 ...
The Evangelical group, Focus on the Family, says more space should have been given to telling teens they will not become "uncool" if they don't have sex.
The threat of being 'uncool' or losing the acceptance from classmates and friends often forces kids to try sex or even do things which are against their cultural backgrounds or religion.
"It's not uncool to play by the rifles," Karan says.