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Synonyms for unconvincing

Synonyms for unconvincing

Synonyms for unconvincing

not convincing



having a probability too low to inspire belief

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Summary: Chelsea stuttered to an unconvincing victory over Apoel Nicosia thanks to a first-half goal from Nicolas Anelka.
Blackburn stopped City's winning home streak on Thursday, and despite an unconvincing victory at Derby, Liverpool (11-10 generally) can keep on the coat-tails of the top three with victory over Sven's men (13-5 bet365, VCbet).
Drug companies, editorialized the paper, "toss out several unconvincing arguments against allowing Medicare to negotiate with them.
Dawkins (vividly) rehearses lots of familiar stuff, like The Worst Moments of The Old Testament (the Flood, the nuking of Sodom, the genocide in Canaan, and so on), the sins of fundamentalism, ongoing faith-based homophobia and related sexual abuses, the absurdities of cargo cults, Pascal's utterly unconvincing Wager, even the kidnaping of Edgardo Mortara at the behest of Pope Pius IX.
Pearce's answer to the paradox, namely that Lewis was never able to shake off his virulently anti-Catholic Belfast upbringing--I consider unconvincing.
Bonting, a biochemist and Anglican priest, states a provocative, if ultimately unconvincing, case for replacing the doctrine of creatio ex nihilo with that of creation from primeval chaos.
Campbell's ethnic accents are unconvincing, but her handling of Grady's interior confused regrets is exactly right.
Stevens says the unconvincing scene in Jurassic Park' inspired him to examine T.
stage show, are stunned at how many straight men lap up the antics of Dafydd, 'the only gay in the village"; Sebastian, the amorous assistant to the prime minister; and Emily Howard, an unconvincing transvestite who insists she's "a lady.
There are several ideas floating in the air, in particular the need to eradicate the cultural inheritance of a people seen as a threat as a means to lessening the memory of them; there is also an unconvincing claim that rebuilding a destroyed monument is an exercise in 'falsification'.
A relationship between Francine and her sister Dawn is tenuous and unconvincing.
This movie is monotonous, unfunny, dull and entirely unconvincing.
Consider how they're whiling away their majority in what senators love to insist is the "world's greatest deliberative body"--a sobriquet every bit as self-styled, grandiose, and unconvincing as Michael Jackson calling himself "the King of Pop" and Miller High Life dubbing itself "the Champagne of Beers.