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used especially of currencies

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Then there are countries at the opposite end of the spectrum where it's virtually impossible to get money in or out--more so out of the country, because you have to go through an official exchange rate regime and be subjected to the whim of the government exchange control board, and some currencies are just completely unconvertible.
This is due to limited resources, unconvertible currency--dong--along with an underdeveloped banking and funding sector.
Wolter's ambitious undertaking, which despite its primary focus on the seventies and eighties covers tourism from the GDR's founding to its demise, provides valuable detail about the nuts and bolts of tourism, its providers, its accommodations, its destinations, its means of transportation, and the negative touristic implications of the GDR's unconvertible currency.
He stands as an example of the intractable and unconvertible side of Indian nature; he is, of course, the prime agent of "King Philip's War," the full-scale conflict between the colonists and the region's natives in 1675-76.
Eleven such accounts, out of a total 43 monitored by the International Monetary Fund, remained unconvertible as of March.
China maintains an old-fashioned unconvertible, pegged currency and refuses to let it float free on the international currency market.
It is potentially even more difficult to represent the saying without the said offered to the other in proximity, which is "indescribable in the literal sense of the term, unconvertible into a history, irreducible to the simultaneousness of writing .
The Teesside-born comic who turns the air blue with his jokes declared: "They are trying to convert the unconvertible.
Specifically, I propose that errors such as attempted conversions of unconvertible values or division-by-zero should appear only when absolutely necessary, when any execution plan conceivable would encounter the error An SQL statement that returned an unnecessary error (an error that would not result from every conceivable path to the data) would be guilty of this new class of bug, a wrong-errors bug.
The third issue will be unconvertible and will yield 2.
In his diaries, he records his frustrations at his numerous attempts to convert the unconvertible men on his ship.
His model shows that the value of unconvertible fiat money can be determined with no money demand as well as with elastic supply.
The facts about Eric and Nina have an undeniable, unconvertible authority.
Of primary interest is the observation that attrition rates in the two instruction modes are comparable, contradicting the notion that the detail-specific nature of accounting makes courses unconvertible to the online format.