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Synonyms for uncontrolled

Synonyms for uncontrolled

Antonyms for uncontrolled

not being under control

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In his uncontrolled zest for new sensations he finally tired of poetry, and in 1823 he accepted the invitation of the European committee in charge to become a leader of the Greek revolt against Turkish oppression.
Rachel Lynde -- Herb Spencer's sad face, the uncontrolled, hysteric grief of one of Ruby's sisters -- but Anne would not talk of these things.
Government being unable to collect the taxes, and failing to maintain its authority, the hand of violence and rapine would remain uncontrolled. In every large town famine would go forth, pestilence and death following in its train.
For my own part I openly declare that I am not convinced, and that I do not believe injustice to be more gainful than justice, even if uncontrolled and allowed to have free play.
The cries of the animal passed over the prairie in strange cadences, and then succeeded a deep and solemn silence, that was only broken by an uncontrolled fit of merriment from the more musical voice of Ellen Wade.
First, in uncontrolled moments, under the influence of sleepiness or drink or delirium, you will say things calculated to injure the faithless deceiver.
A child cannot quarrel with its elders, as I had done; cannot give its furious feelings uncontrolled play, as I had given mine, without experiencing afterwards the pang of remorse and the chill of reaction.
Gania's voice was full of the most uncontrolled and uncontrollable irritation.
He was not an ill-tempered man; his intellectual activity, the ardent kindness of his heart, as well as his strong frame, would always, under tolerably easy conditions, have kept him above the petty uncontrolled susceptibilities which make bad temper.
The convulsive, uncontrolled tone of the last words disclosed the precarious hold he had over himself.
ENPNewswire-August 21, 2019--Karolinska Institutet: New biomarker may uncover uncontrolled asthma
FRIDAY, July 12, 2019 (HealthDay News) -- The economic burden of uncontrolled asthma is considerable and is projected to continue increasing, according to a study recently published in the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine.
Equillium announced it has initiated the EQUIP Phase 1b clinical trial of its CD6 targeted therapy, itolizumab, in patients with uncontrolled moderate to severe asthma.
- Irish drugmaker Horizon Therapeutics plc (NASDAQ: HZNP) has initiated a clinical trial evaluating Krystexxa (pegloticase injection) in combination with methotrexate as a strategy to increase the durability of response for patients living with chronic gout refractory to conventional therapies also known as uncontrolled gout, the company said.