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Synonyms for uncontaminated

not corrupted by contact or association


free from admixture with noxious elements


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And that's kind of how I felt about episode one of Hold The Sunset, which - were I forced to say something good about it - was certainly uncontaminated by jokes.
For metals, such as iron and manganese, the MAC table limits the IEPA is using is the median level from samples taken of uncontaminated soil tested by IEPA in all 102 Illinois counties--this means that by definition, half of all clean soil in Illinois would fail these MAC table limits.
A district-wise report showing the plans with their cutoff date for ensuring sufficient uncontaminated water for every district according to its population should also be filed by the CM within four weeks.
District wise report showing the plans with their cutoff date for ensuring sufficient uncontaminated water for every district according to its population should also be submitted,' the bench maintained in its written order.
Treatment of contaminated and uncontaminated wastewater species from the inland waterways of the 2nd category in the province of antwerp year of service 2018-2021.
While we assure the public that there will be no price increase in chicken meat as there is only one area affected by the avian flu, we must see to it that uncontaminated meat is sold in the markets,' he added.
For each of these four simulations, the results demonstrate that the virgin cap layers maintain their suitability as a functional barrier, since the resultant uncontaminated virgin cap-layer thicknesses exceed the 1-mil FDA recommendation.
Using printing sleeves and featuring a dedicated anilox roll, chambered doctor blade and pump, the Flexo Kit unit provides a separate uncontaminated supply system for gold, silver, aerodyne, and other special-effect coating finishes.
The work involved digging down into the water bed to a depth of two foot six inches for a distance of a kilometre, then installing TV cameras to ensure the water remained uncontaminated.
An EPA video obtained via a Freedom of Information Act request shows the same husband and wife litigants threatening visiting federal agents when told that their water was uncontaminated.
Elk, roe deer, red deer and wild boar populations are similar to those in four uncontaminated nature reserves in the region, while wolf numbers are seven times higher.
It may come to your surprise that some of these standards are based off of testing dry, uncontaminated floor conditions
It was evident from the rheological tests that both contaminated and uncontaminated smart cement slurries have shear-thinning behavior.
now offers a convenient way to ensure delivery of uncontaminated diesel fuel to equipment--because clean fuel is vital for high-pressure common rail (HPCR) fuel injectors on today's diesel engines, in which fuel system pressures approach 40,000 psi and clearances can be as small as one micron.
A new generation of gardeners grow tomatoes, chillies, herbs and much more from balconies and rooftops and people are recognising the health benets of wholesome uncontaminated food.