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not consistent with or according to a constitution

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Moreover, the statement also pointed to the suspicion of the existence of unconstitutionality in Article 6, which states, "it is not permitted to establish websites in Egypt or to administer or manage offices or branches of websites operating outside the country without obtaining the necessary permits in accordance with the rules and conditions."
'The inherent unfairness, and unconstitutionality, of the redelineation exercise and its results may well cast a long and deep shadow over the legitimacy of the outcome of the upcoming 14th general election, as well as future general elections,' Malaysian Bar president George Varughese said in a statement.
My humble advice to them is to continue with that spirit of zero tolerance for indiscipline, impunity and unconstitutionality. Nigerians are watching them.
Judge of the Constitutional Chamber Kurmantai Abdiyev did not consider the suit of social activists into unconstitutionality of compulsory biometric registration and asked for recusal.
The unconstitutionality derives from violation of basic principle of constitutional rule of law committed by the Legislature during the processing of the bill, since a draft was published and then through a replacement which was never published, key tax issues were amended relating to taxable persons (obligated) and of the rate, also in the replacement text, which was never published, sanctions not mentioned in the original bill were introduced.
1) The new traffic law is being studied by the Cabinet, especially the unconstitutionality of the article banning some expatriates from driving unless their jobs state otherwise.
The Supreme Court ruled last October that the fivefold disparity in the weight of votes in the 2010 upper house election was "in a state of unconstitutionality." The top court urged lawmakers to promptly correct the disparity.
Idress said that his team is drafting a defense memorandum on the basis that international human rights conventions confirm the unconstitutionality of article 50.
"The lawsuit against the law regards the mechanism of the distribution of the vacant seat," Mufeed al-Jazaeri, a leading figure of the party, said in a press release, noting that the act provides for granting of vacant seats when its existence to the winning lists." He stressed that it "constitutes an explicit violation of citizens' rights to choose their representatives, and clearly a violation of the Constitution and the principles of democracy, it is also contrary to the Federal Court decision, which stated that the unconstitutionality of similar paragraph in the law of the House of Representatives elections." SH (TP)/SR 110
In a brief hearing, the head of the Libyan court's constitutional chamber announced 'In the name of the people, the court has decided on the unconstitutionality of Law No 37,' It followed an appeal lodged with the court by a Libyan human rights group against the May 2 law adopted by Libya's ruling National Transitional Council, NTC, that drew criticism from international watchdogs over freedom of expression.
Summary: Egypt's Supreme Constitutional Court (SCC) on Sunday announced that it would not present its anticipated report on the alleged unconstitutionality of Egypt's current Parliament for another month.
Vallejos won on the unconstitutionality of the provisions," said Mark Daly, one of the lawyers handling her case.
High court finds July election in 'state of unconstitutionality'
The court denied A-B InBev's petition "to remedy the unconstitutionality of Illinois system by extending the self-distribution privilege to out-of-state brewers," since the court said that "would be more disruptive to the existing statutory and regulatory scheme than the alternative remedy of withdrawing the self-distribution privilege from in-state brewers." [Though some small in-state brewers might disagree].