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sad beyond comforting

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That said,the person most affected by his death is our trainer Andy Heyes who is unconsolable, and, despite us assuring him we apportion no blame to him whatsoever, he still feels the burden of responsibility.
It is the black bile of the sanguine personality type, melancholic and unconsolable that describes many of Paci's characters.
He says that the causes for his present sorry state were (1) the Second World War, which claimed many lives, including the life of his son, Costas, who had enlisted to fight the Italian invaders at the Albanian front in 1940 and (2) the occupation of Greece by the Axis powers, which brought about famine and disease that took many lives, including the life of his unconsolable wife.
The dance may well act our the kind of acceptance of death as an inherent part of the life cycle that emerges from the Homeric "Hymn to Demeter," wherein the goddess's unconsolable grief at the loss of Persephone to Hades yields to acceptance of her daughter's cyclical existence above and below the earth.
He stood, wobbling, on the railing, and right when Grandpa's hand was about to land on his rainbow-hued plumage and send him sprawling to the ground, he took to the air; and as if it were sheltering the bird, the air lifted him and aided his flight higher and ever further away from the hatchet, Grandpa's swearing, and the unconsolable chickens.