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Synonyms for unconscionable

Synonyms for unconscionable

lacking scruples or principles

vastly exceeding a normal limit, as in cost

Synonyms for unconscionable

lacking a conscience

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greatly exceeding bounds of reason or moderation

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The first proceedings alleged that Coles had engaged in unconscionable conduct by the way it sought rebates from suppliers under its Active Retail Collaboration (ARC) program.
As such, the 14-day clause shall be stricken as unconscionable to avoid an unconscionable result.
The principles upon which a court will interfere with a concluded transaction and nullify it upon the ground that it is unconscionable have found frequent expression.
The court said the class action ban was unconscionable not just because it was part of an arbitration clause, but because it was part of "a contract of adhesion that fails to inform the customer of the cost to her of arbitration, and that does not provide a cost-effective mechanism for individual customers to obtain a remedy for the specific injury alleged in either a judicial or an arbitral forum.
It is a story that should be read by everyone, because the atrocities these children suffer are unconscionable.
We think it is unconscionable to have such an open-ended provision," Gerard says.
Why CPUC hasn't done it is just unconscionable to us.
was amended to, inter alia, extend its prohibitions to unconscionable, as well as deceptive and unfair, acts or practices in the conduct of any trade or commerce.
Even if defendant's allegations are correct, plaintiff's neglect in maintaining the building does not amount to immoral or unconscionable conduct which would bar plaintiff's claim for the tax refund.
They are arbitrary and unconscionable intrusions on the rights of New Yorkers.
Distribution of our scarce research dollars with no regard for the purpose of the studies or their possible conclusions and applications is unconscionable.
The Reagan Administration labored mightily to deny this fact, and Inman did his part in the unconscionable cover-up.
To introduce this tax, and levy such an enormous cost burden when the economy was in the midst of a severe recession, is unconscionable," he adds.
To see a law that promotes good government practices fall by the wayside now would be unconscionable.
Judge Steven Denton substantially rejected an attempt by Scripps Health to dismiss a class action lawsuit that alleges that Scripps Health charges its uninsured patients unreasonable and unconscionable prices and uses aggressive and unfair collection practices against them.