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Antonyms for unconscientiousness

the quality of being willing to ignore the dictates of conscience

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the trait of not being painstaking or careful

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Conscientiousness versus Unconscientiousness refers to an inclination toward purposeful planning, organization, persistence, and reliability versus impulsivity, aimlessness, laziness, and undependability.
68) But as McMurdo J correctly points out in White v Tomasel, the use of the criterion of unconscionability should not be understood as requiring an element of unconscientiousness in every in personam exception claim.
While the courts have yet to expressly endorse such a scheme, the various unjust factors can be usefully arranged into three groups: (1) impaired intention, (2) unconscientiousness, and (3) policy.
In fact I co nsumed almost to the point of unconscientiousness and concluded that life was good and I was drunk.
As Professor Peter Birks said: 'The only relevant unconscientiousness in such a case is unconscientiousness ex post.