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not conquered

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The scouts were hot and tired; the bowlers were changed and bowled till their arms ached; but Dumkins and Podder remained unconquered. Did an elderly gentleman essay to stop the progress of the ball, it rolled between his legs or slipped between his fingers.
"Our natural barriers, while they have doubtless saved us from defeat on countless occasions, have not by any means rendered us immune from attack," he explained, "for so great is the wealth of Gathol's diamond treasury that there yet may be found those who will risk almost certain defeat in an effort to loot our unconquered city; so thus we find occasional practice in the exercise of arms; but there is more to Gathol than the mountain city.
Germany to-day is great and unconquered, but Germany has lost her opportunity.
Instead, he retired into himself, became sullen, undemonstrative, and, though he never cowered in defeat, and though he was always ready to snarl and bristle his hair in advertisement that inside he was himself and unconquered, he no longer burst out in furious anger.
The one thing he had really wanted all his life was to be free; and there was still something unconquered in him, something besides the strong work-horse that his profession had made of him.
In the further corner, under the shadow of a great rock, there crouched seven bowmen, with great John in the centre of them--all wounded, weary, and in sorry case, but still unconquered, with their blood-stained weapons waving and their voices ringing a welcome to their countrymen.
But after a while he heard with amazement the frail and resisting voice in his ear, the dwarf sound, unconquered in the giant tumult.
GAME OF THE WEEK CONAN UNCONQUERED PC, STRATEGY, PS24.99 Conan Unconquered is uncomplicated.
Despite the simplicity, Conan Unconquered remains an enjoyably moreish romp, especially when you throw in the excellent co-op multiplayer.
Title: Conan Unconquered Platform: PC Genre: Strategy Price: PS24.99 Conan Unconquered is uncomplicated.
KARACHI -- Opener Usman Khan lit up the 34th Karachi Gymkhana Omar Associates Ramazan Cricket Festival with a buccaneering unconquered century on Thursday as Omar CC whipped Acme Technologies by 65 runs at the KG Ground.
The Russian Centre of Science and Culture in association with Russian Society for Cooperation and Friendship with Nepal organized a photo exhibition 'Unconquered Hero City' to mark the 75th anniversary of the lifting of Leningrad Blockade and Victory Day.
Peter Handscomb chipped in with an unbeaten 30 runs and put on an unconquered 46 runs in the last 6.3 overs.
Mohammad Rizwan departed after scoring 95 off 52 balls with the help of six sixes and 10 fours while Mohammad Rizwan remained unconquered on 60 off 39 balls, hitting two sixes and eight fours, as the winning runs came with eight overs and nine wickets in hand.
Oman team remained unconquered throughout the 10-team tournament that also had Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, China, Qatar, Bahrain, Thailand, Bhutan and Maldives.