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The sandstone grit unit forms a sub-basin that's lies unconformably over dolomite, siltstone and shales of the Yelma Formation.
The Eocene is represented by the Appollonia Formation (lower-middle Eocene) which lies unconformably above the Upper Cretaceous Khoman Formation.
The sandstone-conglomerate red beds are overthrust by Late Triassic limestones in the eastern part of the basin, while the limestones are unconformably overlain by these red beds in the western part of the basin [1].
Croix terrane was linked to the southeast to the Coastal Volcanic-Mascarene volcanic suite in Silurian time by the Silurian Oak Bay Formation which lies unconformably on the intensely deformed Late Cambrian-Early Ordovician Calais Formation of the St.
1, 7) - At Pitzu Ru-biu (Nurallao), the Genna Selole Fm rests unconformably over the Middle Triassic Monte Maiore Fm carbonates (Cos-tamagna and Barca, 2002).
It is exposed in northwestern Ohio (Figure 13) (Plate 1) where it unconformably overlies rocks of the Silurian Salina Group (Ohio Division of Geological Survey, 1990 [rev.
The base of the section is in fault contact with Jurassic deposits; the top is unconformably overlain by Carboniferous rocks (Fig.
Located on Bureau of Land Management property ~160 km south of the southernmost reaches of ancient Lake Bonneville at its maximum, the site rests unconformably atop the Lower Triassic Shnabkaib Member of the Moenkopi Formation.
Plio-Quaternary sediments and Quaternary volcanics unconformably overlie Miocene beds (Fig.
(1977) at the Dhok Pathan stratotype.The much younger, horizontally bedded Potwar silts are unconformably overlying the Dhok Pathan Formation.
The Someah e Pain deposition start with red conglomerate of Fajan Formation unconformably and continue with limestone of Ziarat Formation.
Since Los Arroyos Formation unconformably rests upon the Barranquin, Guinimita and Tunapuy units, and does not display any Cretaceous-Tertiary Caribbean ages, it supports the idea that the Paria metasedimentary units were deposited on the passive margin of South America and latter metamorphosed.
Artova ophiolite complex is unconformably overlain by conglomerate, sandstone, mudstone, and gypsum levels of the Incik formation of terrestrial character [12] Figure 1).
The Early-Middle Miocene Kizilburun Formation unconformably overlies this pre-Neogene basement rocks; the Middle Miocene Sazak Formation, and the Late Miocene-Late Pliocene Kolankaya Formation [27] are described in previous studies as the Denizli Group [34].