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not finally established or settled


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These data, combined with the results of DNA fingerprinting, were analyzed to evaluate the proportion of epidemiologically linked cases in which transmission was confirmed by matching fingerprints and to investigate the characteristics of case pairs with unconfirmed transmission (unmatched fingerprints).
A spokesman for Trinity Mirror, which owns the Sunday Mercury and The Birmingham Post, stressed that reports that Bassey had been moved to a different jail in Peshawar were as yet unconfirmed.
On the other hand, while an unconfirmed letter of credit is foreign-bank risk instead of foreign-customer risk, it's still foreign risk.
There were unconfirmed industry reports that Mobil and Eastman were also supporting the LDPE price increase.
Never attempt to plan strategy or tactics based on unconfirmed information or data.
Unconfirmed reports have indicated the industry could save as much as $126 million if half of Ontario's mills achieved a 10-percent increase in recovery boiler capacity.
Based on the independent radiology group's analysis of the reported six responses, two responses were confirmed (both partial), two responses were deemed to be qualified (one partial and one complete) and two responses were unconfirmed (one partial and one complete).
KOHAT -- Unofficial and unconfirmed result of local government election has been announced on Monday.
Packing winds of 270 kilometres (168 miles) per hour, Cyclone Pam tore through Vanuatu early yesterday, leaving a trail of destruction and unconfirmed reports of dozens of deaths.
While the questions are still very hard to answer given that the iPhone 6 rumors are still unconfirmed, history pieces can still be put together to figure out what to expect.
Moreover, unconfirmed news reports said another place has been discovered where some terrorists are hiding.
Various unconfirmed reports have pointed to September 12 as being the day Apple Inc shows off the new phone, which is expected to go on sale a week or two later.
Summary: The Lebanese Football Federation has invited four players of Lebanese descent to train with the national team to aid Lebanon in their push for World Cup qualification, according to unconfirmed reports Wednesday.
The item was pulled almost immediately, and the network issued an apology for tweeting an unconfirmed report.
According to unconfirmed media reports, Bulgaria's Deputy Interior Minister Marin Raykov may be the new Ambassador to Paris; he held this post in 2001-2005.