unconditioned reflex

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(2) Unconditioned reflex includes the characteristics of instinct except that this higher order allows corrections and trial-and-error responses to unrecognized stimulation.
(3) Conditioned reflex includes the characteristics of unconditioned reflex and adds conjunctively connected stimulations and nervous system level learning.
In the brain, the programs of the simplest unconditioned reflexes (which can disappear with the destruction of that part of the brain where they are stitched) are also rigidly "stitched" (entered, fixed and permanently present).
Even when performing unconditioned reflexes, information about deviations that require more complex (reasonable) actions is brought to the attention of consciousness, for example, unconditionally doing a quick pulling of his hand away from the fire, epidusha relatively slowly transmits information about the entire event into consciousness and especially about the pain.
This lesson defined and exemplified unconditioned reflexes, conditioned reflexes, unconditioned stimuli (US), unconditioned responses (UR), neutral stimuli (NS), conditioned stimuli (CS), and conditioned responses (CR).