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Synonyms for unconditioned

without limitations or mitigating conditions

Synonyms for unconditioned

not established by conditioning or learning

not conditional

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The legal notice also demanded from the channel to retract the statement and make an unconditioned apology in the same programme and at the same time.
The legal notice also demands from the channel to retract the statement and make an unconditioned apology in the same program and at the same timings.
There is evidence that Gammarus amphipods both prefer and have higher survival and growth rates when fed microbially conditioned leaves of a variety of native tree species compared to unconditioned or sterilized leaves (Barlocher and Kendrick, 1973; Pockl, 1995).
Notwithstanding, a key controversial issue refers to whether classical human conditioning is a low level process, or otherwise dependent on higher order cognitive processes such as contingency awareness between conditioned stimulus (CS) and unconditioned stimulus (US).
Marion introduces four fundamental negative certainties: "the Undefinable, or the face of man" in chapter one, "the Impossible, or what is proper to God" in chapter two, "the Unconditioned, or the strength of the Gift" in chapter three, "the Unforeseeable, or the event" in chapter five.
Meanwhile, the committee on prisoners and detainees held a special session to complete the discussion of a suggestion aiming at setting free a number of detainees within a few days' time and an unconditioned release of children.
The investment came with a guarantee from Germany in unconditioned loan of 240 million dollars, for 12 year financing of exploitation.
And dogs that are conditioned, strong and not overweight are going to be able to hunt longer and with more intensity than an unconditioned, overweight dog--no matter what the breed.
In this study, preconditioned plumular apex explants with 20 mg L-1 BAP or unconditioned explants were cultured for 8 weeks on MS medium having 0.25-2.0 mg/l BAP with or without 0.25 mg L-1 NAA.
"But if you enjoy it, then the performance is unconditioned."
Salman told Daily News Egypt that SAR 30bn ($8bn) of the investments will go to unconditioned private projects that were presented by Egypt and currently being studied by Saudi Arabia.
It provides a straightforward, logical, step-by-step strategy to transforming our responses to challenging life events and everyday situations into unconditioned peace, liberation, and happiness.
In a statement published on the State Department's website, the US State Department's deputy spokesperson Mark Toner demanded the immediate and unconditioned release of all the kidnapped seized by ISIS.
In a statement Ani said today: "We appreciate any unconditioned military assistance provided through official channels, as such acts represent an expression of international commitment to combat terrorism that Iraqis stand firmly on behalf of the world to defeat its gangs, in case of government's inability to provide arm and supply necessary weapons and equipment , in order to preserve the unity of Iraq and security of its people./ End
"Then after having a year out your body bedcomes so unconditioned so when I came back I just kept picking up niggles which meant I could not find any consistency or compete at all.