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not concealed or hidden

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As she looked upon her champion she saw a lithe, muscular, brown-haired youth whose clear eyes and perfect figure, unconcealed by either bassinet or hauberk, reflected the clean, athletic life of the trained fighting man.
She knew perfectly well that Hardyman's unconcealed admiration of her was the guiding motive of Lady Lydiard's inquiries.
I was particularly glad to see her beautiful black hair, unstinted still, and unconcealed in its glossy luxuriance.
And Rogojin burst out laughing, this time with unconcealed malice, as though he were glad that he had been able to find an opportunity for giving vent to it.
For a moment the two looked at one another in unconcealed consternation, and then Bradley spoke, using to the best of his poor ability, the common tongue of Caspak.
Vanborough looked at her husband with unconcealed surprise and distress.
With unconcealed joy, we temporarily shelved our "suggestions" to see what he would come up with.
In Heidegger's later work place becomes the scene of Being's disclosure and of the openness of the Open in which truth is unconcealed. Yet, this reappearance of place is not to be understood as a return to a Greek conception; rather it puts any definitive difference between finite place and infinite universe into question.
Based on the nineteenth-century notion of the novel as social criticism, and strident in its unconcealed purpose of spreading the gospel of godlessness in the world with the words "God must be destroyed" as a recurring refrain, Bharathipura purports to portray a traditional society of the western section of Karnataka State in the southern part of India.
There's no mistaking the national sensibility that produced the self-deprecating Hurtubise and his quest for self-validation, and with the pick-up trucks, Peter Gzowski, the Rocky mountains, donut shops, and plenty of machismo, Project Grizzly serves up unconcealed notice of its Canadian pedigree.
We certainly do not need to be religious to be moral beings, and one will readily concede that Judge William's unconcealed religiosity is no cause of his Sittlichkeit.
For example, she writes, "Nomenklatura privatization constitutes direct, unconcealed robbery of the working people."
It is legal in Phoenix to carry an unconcealed firearm on city streets, although few people do so.
They were particularly worried by the unconcealed anti-Chinese animosity displayed by the government of Mahathir bin Mohamad.
Its unconcealed criticism of the regime of President Sekou Toure led to Laye's forced exile from his country.