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Synonyms for uncompensated

contributing one's time without pay

Synonyms for uncompensated

not paying a salary


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In children, the use of the enzymatic method produced the highest estimated GFR and the uncompensated Jaffe the lowest.
This often results in an uncompensated increase in workload for union officials, which could lead to their being less prepared and less committed to the interest of the rank and file.
A study in the April 5, 1999, issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association, based on a survey of 12,000 doctors, found that while those physicians who derived none of their income from managed care provided an average of 10 hours of uncompensated care in a month, those deriving 85% or more of their income from managed care provided an average of only 5.2 hours of uncompensated care.
With uncompensated guns, such as in USPSA Limited class, IDPA or the Single Stack classic, the modern isosceles still wins.
Commercial payers have historically paid more than the actual health care delivery costs at teaching hospitals to help pay for teaching, as well as the disproportionately higher rates of uncompensated care.
German industry would not sponsor an exhibition which highlighted its exploitation of slave labour, until now unacknowledged or uncompensated. The City of Frankfurt and Friends of the Museum had to step in but the tight budget has unfortunately precluded any English translation.
But Mark Isaacson of Edwards Manufacturing, which reportedly earns $2 million a year selling the dams electricity to a Maine utility, says the decision is "the flawed result of a tainted process" The company has asked for a reheating of the case, challenging FERC's authority and citing constitutional protections against uncompensated seizure of private property, Environmental groups welcome Edwards' appeal.
The distance function yields the compensated inverse demand system in contrast to the direct utility function which underlies the uncompensated inverse demand system.(5) The distance function is dual to the expenditure function and can be considered a normalized "money metric" utility function; hence it is a natural tool to analyze the welfare effects of quantity changes.
"As at now, out of the 1,792 persons affected by the dam, only 24 cases are remaining uncompensated. The 24 pending cases are out of issues of succession and disputes", he said.
Hospitals play a vital role in the social safety net by providing the majority of the nation's uncompensated care.
Street said that while the hospital's patient volume has increased this year, he's concerned about the rise in the medical center's uncompensated care.
Passage of House Bill 1132 would create a fund to help health centers cover costs of providing "uncompensated" care for people who don't have insurance.
He said six of the uncompensated were in the process of being paid and 33 were still in dispute.
When they inevitably can't pay the bill, those unpaid costs, known as uncompensated care, drive up everyone's insurance premiums.