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Synonyms for uncommunicativeness

the keeping of one's thoughts and emotions to oneself

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The narration typically presents the super-ego as communicative, while the id flaunts its uncommunicativeness. Thus, the narration appears to be communicative at first, but upon further inspection, it often is not.
The young women of the village, responding to his physiognomy and uncommunicativeness, go so far as to equate him, neo-Platonically, to "a dead man come to life" (54).
Their uncommunicativeness about their comings and goings causes parents to worry about involvement in sex and drugs.
Heath himself emerges with all the familiar lineaments--administrative talent, energy, uncommunicativeness, self righteousness, 'a man in a hurry who felt himself let down by what he regarded as ...
This tradition of uncommunicativeness is breaking down.